Is your EMR doctor-friendly?


Providers face the daunting task of monitoring dozens of information systems to collect and display clinical data including labs, radiology, vital signs, provider notes, and more.

Clinicians often resort to a manual "pull" mode, periodically checking for new information. Important updates are frequently missed, causing delays in care and threatening patient safety. 


Herald makes your EMR work better



Build protocols based on the clinical information systems you currently monitor, tracking events such as changes in lab values and the arrival of results from an imaging study you ordered.


Replace manual "pulls" from your EMR with convenient "push" notifications via page, text message or email.


Customized Protocols

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Adjust inputs and outputs to meet your needs and those of your patients. 
Change the frequency of alerts, thresholds for lab values, and much more. 



Select from commonly used protocols based on your clinical specialty, region, colleagues or co-workers, and fine-tune them to meet your needs. 


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