06 Dec 2021

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Tennis Elbow 

Tennis elbow is a common injury often caused by repetitive motions that include gripping and/or flexing, or supinating the wrist (turning or holding the hand so the palm faces upwards). Also called lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow can be caused by playing tennis, of course, or…


Hearing loss: Sudden deafness 

Sudden deafness is a severe sensorineural hearing loss that develops within a few hours or is felt on waking. It affects about 1/5000 people every year. The initial hearing loss is typically unilateral (other than drug-induced) and can be mild to severe. Many also experience…


5 facts about MCT Oil you need to know 

MCT Oil is drastically becoming popular among dieticians, athletes and people who are in general, concerned about health and well-being. So what exactly is MCT Oil and what makes it so special that it is being consumed as one of the most sought-after and popularly…