The art of belly dancing should have a better reputation. Not only is it rooted in profound cultural traditions and is an entertaining dance, but it can also be a great workout for people who like to stay fit. Taking a belly dance class in Singapore is an exciting way to shed a few pounds.

Did you know that people take belly dancing classes for weight-loss reasons? Belly dancing is a popular activity at gyms and fitness centres. It’s easy to find belly dancing courses using all kinds of your favourite music and in various levels from beginner to advanced. Investing on health comes with a fitness fee. Let’s explore the various reasons why people like to belly dance for good health!

  1. You can strengthen key areas of your body. Belly dancing emphasises similar parts of the body as certain styles of yoga. It engages mainly your back, knees, and hips! Belly dancing helps improve your posture and poise. You might see an improvement in your flexibility.
  1. You can tone and use unused muscles. Certain areas of your body may not be getting the attention it needs. With belly dance fitness classes, you can easily change this. Work on your abdominal muscles as well as your back and leg muscles!
  1. You’re getting a full-body workout. If you want to engage your entire body when you’re exercising, there are not a lot of choices better than belly dancing. Most belly dancing classes will keep you moving your arms, legs, and torso!
  1. You can prevent bone and muscle disease. Belly dancing isn’t just great for your muscles, it builds your bones and joints too! Belly dancing is a low impact exercise that works on the bones and muscles.

Have fun and learn a great form of dance at the same time. Belly Dance Fitness is a famed belly dance school in Singapore offering a variety of fun classes to choose from. Check out their website now!