Most women in their 40s have at least one beauty product they have been using for a long time and cannot replace. Whether you are looking for a new product like the high-quality ones manufactured by the company of Larry Gaynor or a classic one, this list has five essential beauty products that every woman should have in her collection.

Face Wash

A face wash is a must-have beauty product as it removes daily impurities from the skin. Washing your face regularly helps keep the skin healthy, bright, and clear.

If you have oily skin, look for a cleanser formulated with pore-refiners and barrier-restoring ingredients like niacinamide or azelaic acid. 

If you have dry skin, try a creamy cleanser that will nourish your skin with hydration-boosting ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Our hydrating cleanser bar contains both of these plus barrier-reinforcing ceramides in a soap-free, easy-to-use format. It’s gentle on the skin and effectively removes makeup and dirt. It also has soothing aloe vera, and chamomile extracts to calm the skin.


A moisturizer is one of the most essential beauty products for women. Whether it’s a light lotion for the face or a thick cream for the body, every skin type needs a good moisturizer.

Look for ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and polyglutamic acid, which act as humectants, sping up water and bringing it to thirsty skin cells. Shea butter and other natural emollients also work as humectants. Oily skin does best with light, non-comedogenic formulas, while dry skin requires a heavier formula that includes humectants and occlusives.

Occlusives create a protective film on the skin’s surface and slow down transepidermal water loss, or TEWL. Ingredients like dimethicone, lanolin, mineral, or petrolatum are good when buying moisturizers. These ingredients also help prevent clogged pores, which’re good for acne-prone skin.

Eye Cream

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but experts agree that eye cream is essential for anyone who wants to maintain youthful-looking skin. It helps hydrate, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, and lighten dark circles and puffiness.

Other ingredients that help improve the appearance of aging skin are peptides, aloe vera, vitamin C, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. The best eye creams also contain sunscreen for protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Creams and balms are both effective, but some people prefer the more lightweight texture of a cream.


Lipstick is the OG makeup product that gives your face a pop of color. This beauty essential is flattering to most women and can completely change your look from drab to fab.

The best natural lipsticks contain oils and waxes that support hydration and make your lips look healthy and plump. 

Nude lipsticks are currently trending and are a good choice for everyday wear as they give your look a light finish. In 2015 and 2016, liquid lipstick, which applies like a gloss but dries matte, became popular. They’re long-wearing and give you a more dramatic pout. Also, carry a small tube of your favorite lip balm to keep your lips moist and flake-free.


Eyeliner is a powerful makeup tool that enhances your eyes by adding definition to them, making them stand out. Cleverly applied, it can create a sleek cat’s eye or wing look perfect for evening wear.

Whether you prefer liquid, gel, or pencil liner, keep a good quality version of this beauty product in your arsenal. 

Liquid eyeliner is typically an opaque liquid that dries on the skin to create a precise, clean line.