It’s a well-known fact that women tend to outlive men quite a bit. It is predicted by 2060 that this gap in longevity will widen even further with women living 87.3 years and men living 83.9 years, on average.

What does this mean for women who wish to be agile, flexible, and active into their late 80s and beyond? You need to ensure that you learn and follow fitness tips for women, such as the ones listed below in this article.

1. Stay Hydrated

Too many of us are walking around dehydrated not only because we don’t drink enough water, but we also are drinking dehydrating drinks like coffee and tea all day long. If you wish to avoid overeating and stay fit, drink a glass of water before every meal. Also, carry a bottle of water around with you and take little sips throughout the day, not waiting until you are thirsty.

2. Build Movement into Your Day

Stop thinking about exercise or movement as an isolated event that happens at the gym and build it bit-by-bit into your entire day. It could be as simple as getting up off your office chair and doing a few lunges every hour. Or it could mean parking a block away from the office or mall and walking that distance.

3. Find a Fitness Accountability Buddy or Group

Sometimes it’s difficult to work on fitness goals on your own. It’s easy to lose motivation and desire.

That’s why using a fitness accountability group that’s online or offline is a great way to stay on track. These benefits will convince you to join one right away. Sweat together and get fit together with your fitness group.

4. Avoid Snacking Late at Night

Do you end up eating 2-3 slices of chocolate cake or something else decadent after dinner because you are bored, tired, or cranky? Your body can’t process this much food while you are sleeping at night and it can interfere with other healing activities that your body performs while asleep. Try to avoid snacking at night or choose healthy snacks like pears, apples, or nuts.

5. Try to Be Consistent with Your Workout Routine

Starting and stopping and then starting again with your workout routine will not get you to your fitness goals and end up making you hate working out because it’s difficult for your body to get used to a new workout every single time. Try to stay consistent with your workout habits by doing less, but doing it every single day or at least every other day.

These Easy Fitness Tips for Women Will Get You Started

There are many fitness tips and tricks out there, but the 5 listed above are easy to follow and will get you started on your journey to an active and agile body. Once you can stay consistent with the fitness tips for women listed above, you can build other healthy habits into your daily routine.

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