Do you want to make sure your foot is in good shape before your bunion surgery in Singapore? Take a look at the following five suggestions so you can prevent foot injuries.

1. Maintain your balance

Improving your balance is one way to avoid ankle sprains. To do so, you must first comprehend how your body maintains balance.

Luckily, as per a foot specialist in Singapore, there are ways to increase your balance and reduce your risk of injury. Brushing your teeth or doing light upper body exercise while balancing on one foot is one way to do this.

2. Work on your core

As per a foot specialist in Singapore, due to a lack of hip control, if you lack core strength, your body will likely continue to move. The result of your body weight pushing beyond what your foot and ankle can control could be a rolled ankle. It’s critical to focus on hip and abdominal/back strengthening during workouts.

3. Strengthen your ankles

Any foot specialist in Singapore advises that a great way to avoid injury is to strengthen your ankles. Single leg strengthening exercises can help with this. It will be easier to stay on your feet and control changes in body position if you have a stronger base.

4. Increase your flexibility

It’s vital to balance strength and flexibility. After a light warm-up, 30-60 seconds of stretching can help relieve pain and improve lower leg mobility. Ankle sprains cause hypermobility of ligaments and joints, so stretching should be done gently and comfortably at your local foot clinic in Singapore:

5. Do progressive activities

Preparing your body for a new sport or activity is a good idea. Establishing a regular exercise routine that mimics your desired activity is not full-body training. As per a foot specialist in Singapore, muscle memory plays a role in ankle sprains, so practising the movement or sport can help you avoid injury.

Now that you know the five pointers of preventing foot injuries, get in touch with ECPC to learn more about their foot drop treatment,  as well as their highly effective Achilles tendonitis treatment in Singapore.