Anxiety disorder is a serious mental health concern in the US, affecting about 40 million adults every year. This translates to about 18.1% of the country’s population. Surprisingly, only 36.9% of anxiety disorder patients get the right treatment for managing the condition.

There is also another group suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis, dislocation, or broken bones. Fortunately, the emergence of all-natural wellness products can help patients manage both emotional and physical pain without overspending on steroids and other OTC medications.

A good example of such a product is kratom for pain and anxiety. Kratom is a derivative product from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciose tree. It can help patients manage or alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, or depression.

However, it will help if you know what entails using a wellness product before starting your dosages. Here are five things you need to know about kratom for pain management and anxiety relief.

1. Popular Kratom Strains for Pain Management

Kratom has different strains that work in varying ways. For instance, the Red Maeng Da strain is a go-to option for relieving physical pain. You can also take other Kratom red strains such as the Red Bali to achieve similar effects of physical pain relief.

However, you should take Red Bali in small to moderate doses. Strong doses can induce a sedation effect. Another kratom strain for chronic pain management is the Red Borneo. This strain is more potent than Red Maeng Da and Red Bali.

2. Taking Kratom for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety manifests in various ways and can be horrendous in the long haul. Green vs. white kratom strains have near similar effects that can help with anxiety relief. However, strong doses of white kratom can induce euphoria and increase your anxiety levels.

If you just want to calm down or chill out you can go for green kratom strains, such as Green Malay. This strain elevates confidence, while also boosting your focus and energy. In other words, it replaces anxiety with enthusiasm to keep you going.

3. What’s the Right Dosage When Taking Kratom for Pain and Anxiety?

Taking kratom for physical or emotional pain relief is a personal thing. In other words, patients respond differently to varying dosages, depending on the strain or their tolerance. Also, the ideal dosage required depends on the quality of the product.

Nevertheless, there are general guidelines for taking kratom for pain and anxiety. For instance, a mild dosage should be 1 to 2 grams and 2 to 4.5 grams for moderate. A high dosage can go from 4.5 to 8 grams, especially for chronic pain management.

4. Possible Side Effects

Every wellness product can pose a range of undesirable side effects, depending on dosage or how the patient’s body responds. If you’re taking moderate to high doses of Kratom, you might experience nausea, itching, or dry mouth. Some patients also report poor sleep.

5. Where to Buy Kratom

You can buy kratom products from reputable online vendors. However, it’s your responsibility to research vendors that only sell high-quality products. Besides importing kratom directly from Asia, the manufacturer shouldn’t cut it with any other herbs.

It will also help if the product passes lab tests for purity and quality.

Experiment Before Using

Not everyone experiences the desirable effects of using kratom for pain and anxiety. That said, do your experiment to determine if the product is right for you. Read other articles on this site for more tips on using kratom for anxiety relief.