Wondering why your lash extensions are not lasting? You may be failing in their aftercare. Here are a few mistakes you may make due to which your lash extensions don’t last.

1. You Don’t Cleanse Them

Since you’re very happy with the gorgeous look your lash extensions have offered you, you’re naturally worried that if you touch them, they may fall off and you may lose the look. So, you don’t cleanse them.

However, the fact is just the opposite. Understand that unlike false lashes that are removed with warm water, lash extensions are adhered to your natural lashes with glue that doesn’t blend well with your natural oils.

If you don’t cleanse your extensions, your natural oils will build up at their base and speed up the process of shedding.

Hence it’s essential to cleanse your extensions daily not only for good hygiene but also for prolonged life of your extensions.

2. Exposure to Heat and Humidity

Consistent cooking, grilling or baking, blow-drying the front part of your hair, and using steam room, hot yoga or sauna are things that can harm your extensions and cause their shedding, straightening or hooking at the tip.

3. You Wear Wrong Makeup

If you can’t live without wearing eyeliners or mascara, make sure they are well-suited to your extensions.

Never let the makeup sit on your lashes overnight. While removing makeup, avoid cotton or terry cloth as they will cause snagging. Don’t use any water-resistant formulations or oily makeup removers.

4. You don’t Comb Your Extensions

If you wish to have the best and fluffiest effect after you get the best eyelash extensions near you like Fancy Lash, don’t fail to brush your lashes gently every day.

Never comb too hard at their roots since this is where your lashes are adhered. Brushing too hard may lift the bases.

Sometimes, if you fail torinse your cleanser well, it can make your lashes look sticking together. Combing will remove the stickiness and offer the fullest effect. If you wish to clean your eyelash without destroying it, prefer using an eyelash cleanser

5. You Take Too Longer between Fills

It depends on the natural growth cycle of your lashes and how you take care of your extensions, whether you need a fill within two weeks or you can go as far as six weeks.

If you go for a fill with your lashes grown out, depleted or in bad shape, you might not get sufficient time to refill all your extensions to a full set.

On an average full sets last for 4 weeks. If you’re expecting a full fill, but you get partial fill instead, your lashes will last only half of the average wear time, i.e. two weeks.

You should keep a watch on retention and check how much time you should schedule for your fill.

Ideally you should get lashes filled when half of them have shed. Never allow your lashes to shed to 40% extensions.

6. Your Choose Wrong Lash Technician

Choosing the right lash artist is very important in order to get good retention of your extensions. If your lash artist is wrong, you’ll get poor retention.

Therefore remember to choose someone like professional volume lash extensions from Fancy Lashso that your lashes will remain gorgeous for a long, long time.