If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, this post is for you. Due to erectile dysfunction, you might not be able to achieve proper penile erection. As a result, you and your partner may not enjoy a happy sexual life, which sometimes leads to relationship problems. If you are in search of a quick and effective solution for this problem, try Generic Viagra or Kamagra. Remember, it doesn’t offer a cure for ED. It actually improves the blood flow to the penis, which helps in maintaining a proper erection.

How you should use this medication?

You can take this drug with food or after having food or before having food, as per your comfort. If you are planning to have sex with your partner, take it before 40mins to 60mins for good results. You must have the desire to do sex for this kind of drug to work. In simple words, if you don’t have any interest in doing sex, it would be no use in taking this kind of drug.

Some people take extra tablets thinking that they would see very quick results. However, they need to understand that doing such things can put their lives in danger. Taking a very high dose, without checking with a medical professional is not all safe. This kind of medication must be kept away from children. Store them in a place where it would be difficult for your kids to reach them. They must be kept away from your pets too.

Where to buy this kind of medication?

There are a number of stores, where you can buy these medications easily. But some of them may not offer genuine products to their customers. Using fake medications can cause various health problems and can lead to death too sometimes. For buying the medications like Kamagra, the stores like DEU Apotheke are a good choice. You can visit their Kamagra page here, https://www.deu-apotheke.com/kamagra-100-online-kaufen.html.

How much dosage you should use?

Everybody’s body is different. To know about the appropriate dosage to use, consult a doctor. Your doctor will analyze your condition and recommends the appropriate dosage for you. Remember, the dosage that your friend might be using, may not be right for you. Similarly, what you are using may not be right for your friend.


Some of the possible side effects include nausea, headache, dizziness, etc. If you observe any side effects after using the medications like this, you must see a medical professional immediately.

Can anyone use this kind of medication?

No, if you have heart or kidney problems, you need to speak with your doctor before using this kind of medication. It is better to avoid using this medication when you are drunk.

What causes ED?

Erectile Dysfunction can occur due to various reasons and some of them include stress, Type II diabetes, High blood pressure, etc. A doctor will conduct the necessary tests and lets you know the reason for your ED. A positive approach is very much required to fight the problems like ED.

Try this medication today for a satisfying sexual life!