The Candida diet plan is an important way by which you would be able to reverse or prevent the overgrowth of Candida. One could successfully benefit from the Candida diet plan if they eliminate or at most avoid eating sugary food, foods that might cause inflammation. Candida is mostly found in the gut and the bowel which are not harmful to the human body or inside it. But sometimes with overgrowth could lead to Candidiasis. 

The Candida diet plan would be a long way to help you in recovering your gut health. With non-starchy vegetables, gluten-free food, and no sugar, finding delicious meals and cooking recipes could be overwhelming. Below find some delicious Candia diet plan foods that your doctor would not ask you to avoid at all. 

Gut-Healing Pancake: 

This is gluten-free, low FODMAP, as well as dairy-free and soy-free. This would be good for your gut health with a healthy dose of collagen. And, as sugary syrup is not recommended, you could always go for almond butter. Ensure that the brand you would be purchasing almond butter from, they should not be sneaking anything suspicious in there. 

Veggie Bowl: 

Delicious, refreshing, and healthy with loads of nutrients. This would help in boosting your immunity and would be a great addition to your balanced diet in helping to prevent Candida.  Add any kind of non-starchy veggie and voila! Just maintaining the guideline would help you in avoiding boring and go for delicious. 

Nachos with Rutabaga Chips: 

This has an anti-fungal property which would be good for anyone following the Candida diet plan. You would be replacing the traditional corn tortilla chips with this one helping you have a balanced diet. You could also make oven-baked Rutabaga fries by using healthy coconut oil as well as salt. 

Kale Salad: 

Apple cider vinegar could be used for Candida diet followers as it helps with gut health. A kale salad with pumpkin seeds having an anti-fungal property with a dressing of apple cider vinegar would be a good choice for a light dinner or lunch. 

Sesame Salmon Burgers: 

You would not be missing the bread with this delicious recipe. But if you are craving for some, you could always go for gluten-free buns and or with a side of Rutabaga fries.  

Cinnamon Cookies: 

A life without some dessert is no fun. But for people following the Candida diet, this could be difficult. But with cinnamon cookies using xylitol s a sweetener, you would be having fun in baking them. But make sure that the vanilla extract has no sugar in it. 

Thus, these recipes would keep your gut health in mind but not compromise with taste. These foods would be delicious without feeding the fungi.