There are countless CBD products in the market, right from the ones which you can consume orally to the ones that can be applied topically. When it comes to topically used CBD products, you can pick from a variety of creams, lotions, moisturizers, oils, tinctures, balms, and salves. Most of us have heard about lotions and creams, but not much about salves.

What is a salve? What does it contain? How is it different from CBD lotions and creams? How does it work? These are all valid questions that come to mind when we discuss CBD-infused salves.

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CBD Salves

In simple words, there is no exact difference in the terms – salve, balm, and ointment. You can use all the terms interchangeably. A salve is a medicine-infused concoction that can be applied to the skin directly.

Then again, salves are much different than lotions and creams, because, unlike creams and lotions, the salve is not water-based. Salves, balms, and ointments are made using fatty oils and wax, with zero water.

How are CBD Salves Made?

If you go online, you will find countless recipes for making CBD-infused salves. Most of them use the same ingredients and have similar steps as well. There are three main ingredients though, they are:

  • Natural wax (preferably beeswax)
  • Fatty oil
  • Any Medicinal compound (in this case CBD)

Firstly, the cannabis plant is ground to fine powder, next it is soaked in oil for hours at 200+ °F. The heat will decarboxylate CBD into its active molecular form, and the fatty acids from the oil with latch to CBD. After this process, CBD-infused oil is mixed with melted wax and CBD salve is created.

Professional manufacturers add essential oils like peppermint and lavender to their CBD-infused salves. Also, fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, and D too are added to it.

Why Use a CBD Salves?

CBD salves are mostly applied to lessen body aches and pains. Users find that CBD-infused salves provide faster relief compared to CBD products that are consumed orally.

How does it work?

On applying CBD salves topically, the oil in the salve transports phytochemicals through skin cell membranes. Soon, CBD initiates its physiological mechanisms on the cells and tissues surrounding the area of application. CBD salves don’t exactly mask the pain but make it go away for a longer period.

Choosing a good Cannabidiol Salve

While buying CBD-infused salves, it is crucial to keep in mind the below-mentioned points:

  • Type of CBD used
  • CBD concentration
  • Other ingredients
  • Third-party lab testing

Most of the CBD salves work magically for users, however, they might not have the same effects that you desire. This is the reason why it is best if you carry out your research. Explore and try different salves with different strengths, until you find a suitable one for your needs.