Healthy gums and teeth are important for many reasons, but mostly to ensure your quality of life is assured for years to come, which is why regular dental cleaning and checkups should be a priority! 

A beautiful smile is often the poster for excellent oral health, but it extends much further than what you see on the surface. Instead, it’s the areas that you cannot see that contribute the most, like beneath the gumline. 

Bacteria and tartar buildup below the gumline can easily go undetected until visiting your local dental practice for a dental cleaning, where they use specialised tools to scrape the teeth of harmful plaque that cause gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. 

When your smile is on the line, regular dental cleaning appointments will help maintain a healthy and vital smile while avoiding the expense of tooth repair or replacement. So, visit Newcastle City Dental today to schedule your dental cleaning appointment!

A lot Can Happen In Six Months.

Six months doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s enough time to cause some serious problems with your gums and teeth if you neglect their care. Unfortunately, brushing alone is not good enough to prevent tartar buildup, especially for those with misaligned teeth where reaching certain places with a toothbrush is near impossible. 

So, eventually, trapped food, bacteria growth, plaque, and tartar buildup begin to thrive, settling in not only the crevices of your teeth but below the gumline as well. Think of your teeth as the tip of the iceberg. What we are truly concerned about is the rest of it and how it’s affecting your oral and general health. 

Six months of tartar build-up will look different on every person, but what remains the same is the challenges and concerns it brings with it that can make your teeth and gums unhappy, sore, and often embarrassing. 

So, if you’re not willing to let your oral health go compromised for longer than it should, then you should have a dental cleaning every six months for professional tooth scaling to remove the harmful bacteria and tartar buildup that causes gum disease and premature tooth decay. 

Take Care Of Your Teeth; Take Care Of Your Health.

Our mouths are constantly active. We are either talking, eating, drinking, smiling, or giving someone we love a big kiss, but this also means our mouths are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. With the ideal temperature and moist conditions for bacteria growth, our mouths are essentially the doorway to the rest of our bodies. So, when we neglect daily oral hygiene, we are potentially putting our overall health at risk as well. 

Unfortunately, many people are known to skip days of brushing and flossing their teeth, waiting until they can feel a film of plaque over their teeth before reaching for the toothpaste (gross, we know)! But, this is only an invitation for serious dental concerns that could ultimately lead to tooth loss down the road that could have been prevented with proper and consistent at-home oral hygiene and regular dental cleaning appointments with your local dental practitioner. 

So, if you want to avoid bulging abscesses and swollen, tender, and painful gums, or don’t want to offend anyone with your bad breath, you need to pick up that toothbrush daily and give your teeth the attention they need to keep the rest of your mouth and body strong and healthy! 

It’s Only Twice A Year. 

We know that many people are uneasy when it comes to having dental check-ups, and we keep these concerns in mind when you are in the chair. Thankfully, dental cleaning appointments are made every six months, so patients don’t need to go through the anxiety more than absolutely necessary. In addition, dental cleaning is generally minimally invasive and efficient, so time spent with your mouth open is minimal, and you’ll have a healthier smile before you know it! 

Get in touch with Newcastle City Dental today and schedule your dental cleaning appointment with our friendly staff!