Rhinoplasty is a procedure that will shape your nose. It is one of the most popular surgical procedures, and it is available for both men and women. People feel more satisfied with the look of their face after the procedure, but besides the cosmetic reasons, people are undergoing this procedure to correct some of the physical issues that they have with their nose.

Types of rhinoplasty procedures:

Open rhinoplasty

During this procedure, the doctor is “opening” the nose to reach the nasal area. An incision will be made underneath the nose, between the nostrils, so the surgeon can expose nasal bone and cartilage. The goal of the procedure is to reshape the nasal tip, to straighten nasal bridge or septum, to remove the “dorsal hump” and to fix other nasal repairs.

Choose your rhinoplasty type

This type of rhinoplasty may also break the nasal bones, which will be reconstructed or shave down bumps on the nose bridge. The best rhinoplasty surgeon Sydney like Dr Hodgkinson will shape your nasal tip so it will give the desired look of the nose tip, as they are closely connected.

Closed rhinoplasty

This procedure does not leave scars that can be seen, because incisions are made inside the nose.

Swelling after closed rhinoplasty is usually less than with the open rhinoplasty. This procedure is also called endonasal surgery because the surgeon will fix issues within the nose through the nostrils.

Closed rhinoplasty is not as invasive as the open rhinoplasty is, but it has some limitations when it comes to nasal tip and skin. People who are looking to have a revision rhinoplasty, should not consider this procedure.

Endoscopic rhinoplasty 

The doctor will have little help during this procedure, and it is called an endoscope. This is a tube with a camera and light, that will help the surgeon to see inside the nose. It is usually used during the closed rhinoplasty, and it will result in much less swelling, than the open rhinoplasty. The 3D high-definition endoscopic surgery is quite new in the market, so search for the board-certified surgeon who is a professional in this field.

Additional procedures

People who would like to improve their look can choose from the different cosmetic procedures that are available today. For example, https://www.drhodgkinson.com.au/procedure/neck-liposuction/ will give you a beautiful sculptured neck, or facelifting procedure, will remove your wrinkles, deep folds, sagging skin and enhance your face volume.

Some procedures can drastically change the way you look

You can correct the skin around your eyes with eyelid surgery, or remove skin pigmentation with picosure laser treatment. Enhancing your face beauty has never been so easy as today. Almost every issue can be eliminated or reduced.

Final word

Rhinoplasty procedure will give you the size and shape of the nose that you always wanted. During a consultation with your doctor, you will together decide on which type of procedure will be the best for you, and while you are doing nose surgery, you can fix something else on your face that bothers you.