Are you dealing with dark patches, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation? Is your skin uneven due to a pigmented spot? Do you want a professional home care treatment and a product to lighten the pigmented spot? – If your answer is yes, then probably you are at the right place. Struggling with skin pigmentation often makes you feel awkward at times and puts off your confidence. To help every woman suffering from this worst nightmare of hyperpigmentation, Derma World has introduced a professional treatment called MELADEEP – a minimally invasive treatment using a semi-occlusive peeling concept mainly oriented to eliminate depigmentation and rejuvenate the affected area. Here in this article, we share everything about MELADEEP and its innumerable benefits. 


MELADEEP is a highly efficient professional treatment with minimally invasive procedures specifically intended for rejuvenating pigmentation and treating aging skins. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not induce any surgical procedures and brings no discomfort. MELADEEP offers a plenty of skin treatment products right from MCS kit (Melanin Control System) for innovative skin peels (Semi-occlusive peeling concept) to deeper depigmentation, rejuvenation, and anti-seborrheic treatments of the skin and provides excellent results. 

What are the primary benefits of MELA DEEP?

MELADEEP is absolutely the best treatment for pigmentation, melasma, and many other skin problems. The major conditions which will get the benefit from the application of MELADEEP are melasma, chloasmas, actinic sun damage, residual or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation post-acne, post lasers pigmentations, hematoma, ocher pigmented dermatitis, and solar lentigines. The process doesn’t require any special preparation but still minimizes pigmentation and other signs of aging within a few days of post-treatment.  

  • Treats age spots, dark spots, and melanin 
  • Safe procedure 
  • No side-effect
  • Corrects wrinkles and
  • Smoothens fine lines
  • Resolves acne 
  • Provides a fresh and healthy look.

More on this later, MELADEEP works nicely on all skin types to accelerate the turnover of skin cells, removes lesions, restores steadiness, elasticity, and can help to improve the true moisturizing characteristics of the skin. With the usage of MELADEEP, the derma returns to the thickness and sturdiness of that of a child. It stimulates the fibroblast, and therefore the collagen and elastin that maintain the youthness and elasticity of the skin. In one word, MELADEEP endeavors to better and lengthen skin’s life quality.

Major Indication of MELADEEP.

MELADEEP treatment is one of the distinct range of rejuvenation and pigmentation procedures that treats numerous skin problems within a short period. Some of the major applications of MELADEEP are for people who suffer from a range of problems such as

  • Melasma 
  • Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Large skin pores
  • actinic sun damage, 
  • Post lasers pigmentations, 
  • Hematoma, 
  • Ocher pigmented dermatitis
  • Solar lentigines


This is a revolutionary treatment that rejuvenates and replenishes the skin by reducing all types of melanin hyperpigmentations and lentigines. Unlike any other professional masks available in the market MELADEEP is an extremely effective treatment that has an active ingredient that helps to inhibit melanin synthesis and exfoliate pigmentation action on the skin. Thus, MELADEEP improves skin texture, skin tone, appearance, and eliminate signs of aging.


MELADEEP Post is a treatment to optimize and maintain the skin post-MELADEEP MASK and has to be followed to ensure that the MELADEEP treatment brings successful results. The ingredients present in the home maintenance treatment depigments and rejuvenates the treated skin. MELADEEP post has to be used daily during the initial stages of the application.  It can be reduced to weekly once later during the maintenance stage. When  followed regularly, it maintains the results obtained from the MELADEEP MASK and stimulates cellular renewal to get a better skin tone and texture. 


DERMA HYDRA COMPLEX is an extensively intensive treatment for hydrating the skin that has been subjected to aesthetic treatments. The product has a rich and creamy texture that helps in forming a thick layer on the skin which is intensively hydrating for a very long time. The active ingredient of DERMA HYDRA COMPLEX are the ions and amino acids that excites the Natural Moisturizing Factor that exists in human skin. This Natural moisturizing factor renews and replenishes the hydration level of the skin and preserves the natural barrier function of the epidermis and increases the rhythm of renewal of the stratum corneum by softening the desmosomes and promotes the correct elimination of corneocytes. Therefore, it produces a sensation of smoothness by providing constant hydration, and balances and calms the weakening reactions of skin led by professional treatments, and improves water transition between the layer of dermis and epidermis. All of these will help in getting rid of roughness, dryness, smoothness, and reduces scaling, and provides a natural hydration.


DERMA HYDRA SCREEN 30+ is an exclusive sunscreen used after dermatologic and aesthetic treatments. It is formulated with both physical and chemical filters that provide the skin with extreme protection against solar radiation (UVB / UVA) responsible for the presence of hyperpigmentation, ageing, and skin damage. Derma hydra screen 30+ has biopeptides that offer complete protection from actinic damage and free radicals damage causes post-treatment sun exposure. 


Meladeep is an extremely effective professional pigmentation treatment available in the aesthetic market. It works on any deeper pigmentation regardless of the intensity of the spot to inhibit melanin synthesis and eliminate hyperpigmentation and cure various skin problems. If you’re looking for a professional treatment with home products, you can close your eyes and go for Meladeep- it does wonders for your pigmentation problem. 

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