Red eyes are caused when the tiny blood vessels under your eye’s surface enlarge or become inflamed. This is most often a reaction to something irritating your eye.

If you have red eyes, it is essential to seek medical attention from an eye doctor halifax, immediately so you can find the cause of your symptoms and get treatment. Some causes of red eyes can be quite severe and may lead to permanent damage that can threaten your vision.

Symptoms of red eye can be relieved with over-the-counter lubricating eye drops (artificial tears). You can also use cool compresses to reduce the swelling and irritation of your eyes.

Blurry Vision

A blurry vision is shared, but it can signify something more serious. You should see your eye doctor immediately if you suddenly experience blurry vision or other symptoms that signal a health problem.

The most common causes of blurry vision are refractive errors like astigmatism and myopia or hyperopia (nearsightedness). You can get prescription glasses, contacts or refractive surgery to correct these.

Another cause of blurry vision is presbyopia, a natural and gradual loss of the ability to focus on things close up. This happens in most people after age 45.1. It is caused by the lens of the eye becomes stiffer, which makes it hard for the eyes to focus on objects nearby.


One of the most typical signs of an eye issue is pain. From minor discomfort to intense pain, it can range.

It can also occur in conjunction with other eye problems symptoms, such as redness and irritation. If the pain is accompanied by blurry vision or other symptoms, it signifies something more serious, like retinal detachment.


Scratching is the act of rubbing or scratching an itchy area. The process can help relieve itching but may also cause further irritation or damage to the skin.

The itch is caused by various factors, including allergies, cold weather, stress or new medication. However, if the irritation is severe or persists after treatment, it may indicate an underlying problem such as liver disease, kidney disease, anemia or diabetes.

The simplest way to ease the itching is by keeping your fingernails short and avoiding scratching the itchy area. Applying a moisturizing lotion will also help. A lukewarm bath can also be helpful, especially after a day at the beach or in the winter. A comfortable night’s sleep in an excellent bed may also help to relieve itching.


Your eyes are a susceptible part of your body. They are also quick to tell you when something is wrong.

When your eyes are irritated, they can be red and itchy. This can be a sign of a severe eye problem or an allergy.

Another common symptom is redness and swelling around the whites of your eyes, which can be caused by conjunctivitis or pink eye. This condition occurs when the small blood vessels in your eye get inflamed, causing the white of your eye to look pink or red.

If you have eye irritation, the first thing to do is identify the irritant. Avoiding allergens such as pollen, smoke, and mold could go a long way to relieving your symptoms.