Incontinence is a difficult thing to overcome both mentally and physically. Whether it is you suffering with incontinence, or you care for someone with incontinence, it has a massive impact on daily life and a person’s mobility. One aspect of living with incontinence that is often overlooked though, in favour of the very important matter of choosing the correct incontinence pants, is that of skin care for incontinence.

Incontinence brings with it a whole host of potential problems for the skin, and therefore it is so important to have a clear skin care regime, the correct incontinence products, and consistent use from as early as possible in the process after incontinence has begun. Incontinence is associated with pressure sores, infections, perineal rashes, and other skin problems in those suffering with incontinence. On top of the incontinence itself, these associated skin conditions can cause embarrassment, leading to self-isolation and a retreat from the world.

Skin integrity and using the right types of skin care incontinence products will help to improve the life of someone suffering with incontinence. There are a few different types of skin care products that you can buy, to be used as part of an effective, daily cleansing routine.

Barrier cream

Incontinence causes the skin to come into constant contact with faeces, urine, or both. What this leads to is first irritation, and later, infection. A barrier cream is a great incontinence skin care product, as it forms a protective layer on the skin that protects it from moisture and helps to prevent infections. Incontinence associated dermatitis, and other skin conditions, can cause real damage to the skin.

Body wash products

Choosing a good body wash, that is delicate and provides good hygiene maintenance, is the perfect choice to use in the shower or the bath each day, deodorising the skin and providing that help and boost that is needed. Many incontinence skin care body washes are multi-functional, providing cost effectiveness and time saved.

Incontinence wipes

When it comes to incontinence wipes, you can choose between dry wipes or wet wipes, using them alongside other skin care cleaning products or on their own. Wet incontinence wipes help to save a lot of time, as they feature a moisturising element and help to deodorise the skin alongside cleaning and fighting bacteria. Dry wipes are preferable to some people though, as they do not have any chemicals on them, though the addition of warm water in these cases can be soothing.

Cleansing foams

Using cleansing foam or cream helps to cleanse the skin, moisturise it, and to nourish it. They can be used alongside other incontinence products to help maintain a natural pH balance that is free from odour and feels fresh and clean before the next set of incontinence pants or pads are placed on.

Incontinence pants and incontinence pads can cause rashes in some cases. That is why it is always important to have a cleaning regime that includes as many of the products above as you can. Finding a good, reliable supplier of incontinence products in the UK will help you to look after the management of skin care around incontinence and provide a much better life for the person suffering with incontinence.