You do not have to eat boring foods to be healthy. That would not only discourage your process of staying healthy, but it would also make you have an almost boring lifestyle. In most of its varieties, organic foods have impressive benefits that you can get when you feed on them. An instance is root vegetables. Root vegetables have characteristic nutritional values for the body without the common fat junks that people encounter in foods. For long, root vegetables, including potato, carrot, and onion, have been endorsed as a part of health diet. Here are six root vegetables to take seriously based on what they have to offer.


Potatoes are yummy and delicious root food with health benefits, including moderate calorie, fiber, vitamin, carbohydrate, and calcium. While potatoes can be garnished with different condiments, its healthiest form for consumption is when boiled. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. Also, when eaten in daily recommended volume, potatoes can improve blood sugar levels. In fact, people go on a potato diet to support their weight shedding.


Onions are root vegies that are mostly used as an ingredient in different meals. They are rich in fiber and vitamin C. They also have an antioxidant property that protects body cells from diseases. Onions significantly reduce blood sugar levels and resist some forms of cancer. 


Ginger is another root vegetable that has antioxidant properties, especially gingerol. Ginger was found to be effective in reducing nausea and morning sickness for pregnant women in a South African study. Ginger make a healthy recipe in smoothies, soup, and tea. 


These are popular root vegetables known all over the world. They are one of the most nutritious root foods. Carrots contain vitamins A and K, with properties that include improving cholesterol levels. It is also able to help against age-related diseases such as poor vision. Whether raw or as an add-on, carrots are very beneficial to the body.


This root vegetable is often characterized alongside ginger, and has content known as curcumin, which hinders blood clotting and improves the body’s cholesterol level. Some studies suggest that the combination of turmeric with black pepper can be very great for gut health.

Celery Root: 

Fondly called celeriac, this a delicious food substance that can be incorporated into meals in different ways. Two main vitamins reign in this tuber; viz vitamin C and K. A cup of celeriac will contain about 80% of the daily recommended vitamin K, an excellent anticlotting agent. It also has phosphorus. This tuber food goes well in salad, and stays gallant when boiled, roasted, or even mashed. Some people use it to complement potatoes in some recipes.