For those who want the accurate dispensing and handling of liquids, single channel pipettes are the preferred option of many. One of the most popular single channel pipettes available in the market today is the HettlitePro. What makes the Hettlite Pro popular is it has features that allow easy laboratory and clinical sampling.

Some of the amazing benefits and features that make the HettlitePro stand out include:

Steel Alloy Interior

The HettlitePro’s steel alloy plunger can help ensure it won’t bend or break. The main body is also made of steel to protect the internal components from wear and tear. To ensure it won’t wear or corrode due to loading friction, the aluminum shaft is designed to be very durable.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design

To ensure it is comfortable to use, the HettlitePro is designed to have a balanced weight distribution. When used for extended periods, pipettes can cause strain so it is important that it comes with an ergonomic design. The ergonomic design can also make pipetting very easy so the risk of human error is reduced significantly.

Adjustable Volume Control Knob

The pipette’s volume display is designed to be fully visible. It can also be adjusted easily using one hand. The tip ejector is also color coded to promote easy volume identification.

Dual “O” Ring Technology

To ensure liquids will not be spilled during the transfer process, the dual “O” ring technology is created. This great feature can help ensure the tip will load easily.