Music festivals can make you suffer from permanent hearing damage within just minutes. A buzz or ring in the ears after going to a festival or concert can indicate damage to hearing, which tends to be irreversible. Thus, if you want to keep your hearing health while listening to your favorite music, ensure you wear earplugs from Audiologie Centre-Ouest.

How Hearing Damage Happens?

The cochlea inside your ear has cilia attached to it. These cilia will get worn out when you get older. This explains why older people tend to experience hearing issues. Exposing yourself to very loud noises can damage the cilia, especially when the noise is at least 80 decibels. Unfortunately, damaged cilia cannot be repaired. 

Music Festival Noise: How Loud Is It?

Often, the sound volume is around 90 to 100 decibels, which could go up to at least 110 when the festival is held inside a tent or hall. Remaining in an environment with noises of 80 decibels for longer than eight hours can put yourself at risk of hearing damage. 

What Happens when you Experience Hearing Damage?

Damaged cilia won’t be able to pass information through to the brain, deteriorating your hearing. Also, they may pass incorrect information like a ring or buzz. As a result, you may become over-sensitive to some sounds, hear distorted sounds, or hear differently with both ears. Your cilia may have been damaged if you notice a temporary buzz or ring in your ears after you visit a concert or festival. 

Ways to Prevent Hearing Damage

Avoid standing near speakers. Speakers can produce sounds that can go up to more than 110 decibels, which risks permanently damaging your hearing within just seconds. Also, make sure to wear earplugs. If you want to be able to hear conversations and music, wear high-fidelity earplugs. Also, try to free your ears of noises from time to time. This allows your cilia to recover from the noise. For instance, when you are at a festival, get a drink at a bar outside the venue every hour or go to the toilet.

Enjoying Music while Wearing Earplugs

Some of today’s earplugs come with acoustic filters where the noise volume is taken down to a safe level while preserving the music experience. Also, they keep conversations audible. If you want to have the best music quality retention, opt for the premium earplugs with linear filters. Such filters attenuate around the same amount of decibels on all tone frequencies, offering you a very true-to-life music experience.