Have you finally decided to bite the bullet and start weightlifting?

You’re likely wondering what’s the best way to build muscle as fast as possible and without injuring yourself. Weightlifting is intimidating for many of us as we lack the experience.

This quick guide will show you how to start weightlifting and what types of exercise can target specific muscle groups. You want to ensure that you know what you’re doing when going to the gym.

Here’s what you need to do:

Reps or More Weight?

One of the biggest questions that newcomers have is whether they should focus on more reps or more weight. Is it better to lift 50 lbs 5 times or lift 10 lbs 10 times?

If you get tired rather quickly then you might want to focus on more weight at first. If you struggle with lifting heavy weights then you want to focus on as many reps as possible.

There’s no set rules for this and you can find out how each approach helps your muscle building goals.

Focus On Specific Muscle Groups

When you do your exercises you want to focus on one specific muscle group at a time. It’s best to avoid doing full body exercises when it comes to lifting weights.

For example, when you want to build your legs and glutes then focus on squats. Start with bodyweight squats and then graduate to squatting with a barbell on your shoulders.

Likewise, when you want to build your chest you want to focus on push ups and bench presses. If you struggle with bench press you can also hold light dumbbells and press them upward while lying on a bench.

When you want to build your arms then you should separate exercises for your biceps and triceps. You should also have separate exercises for your shoulders.

Make sure you also focus on a specific muscle group each day. On leg day, you shouldn’t exercise your arms. On arm day, give your legs a rest!

Get Rest

A huge part of weightlifting actually includes not lifting weights! Since weightlifting is especially strenuous you want to ensure that you rest your muscles.

Not only do you want to avoid injury but without rest your muscles won’t grow at all. You also want to ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet and consuming lots of protein.

Muscles aren’t only made in the gym but also in the kitchen and in the bed! Make sure you combine your weightlifting with rest and eating well.

That’s How to Start Weightlifting

Now you know how to start weightlifting and the best strategies to target different muscle groups.

You want to first decide whether you want to focus on more reps or heavier weights. If you struggle with heavy weights then stick to reps. If you can lift heavy weights, stick to lower reps at first.

Make sure you first focus on specific muscle groups rather than full-body exercises. Each day should focus on either upper body or lower body exercises.

You also need to get adequate rest and nutrition to build muscle. You can find more lifestyle tips on our blog!