Tualatin is a beautiful city in Washington county in the U.S. state of Oregon, with a population of 27.5k. The patient to primary care physician ratio in Washington county, OR, is 1099 to 1; that means primary care physicians in Tualatin see an average of 1099 patients per year. Meanwhile, Tualatin is home to various health and social assistance facilities providing treatment to almost every possible condition. The health centers have rehabilitation therapy, diagnostic imaging, specialists in integrative medicine, outpatient surgery, and more. So if you are looking for a rectal prolapse treatment in Tualatin, OR, you can easily find a reliable health care provider and access treatment. But before you start your search for a medical facility providing treatment for rectal prolapse, continue reading and acquaint yourself with some basic information about this condition.

Do you know what exactly a prolapsed rectum is? Like prolapsed hemorrhoids, it is a problem in which some or all rectal membrane layers protrude and are exposed outside the anus. It is certainly not a common condition that frequently occurs as once it was five or more decades ago. But it is still a condition that needs to be addressed by a physician once it occurs.

So, rectal prolapse usually occurs in older women, but it can occur in men and women of any age. Even children of age four or less can develop the condition, and when it happens, it is often indicative of other health conditions.

Rectal Prolapse in Children

There can be numerous underlying health conditions that cause rectal prolapse in children. According to the experts, extensive straining during a bowel movement and certain diseases are associated with its presence, and quick treatment for the same and the underlying condition is necessary. Meanwhile, disorders and health issues cited as possible causes include things like:

  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Pertussis (Whooping cough)
  • Neoplastic disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Malnourishment
  • Infections
  • Hirschsprung disease
  • Ehlers-danlos syndrome
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Colitis
  • Anorectal abnormalities

Rectal Prolapse in Adults

A prolapsed rectum can develop in adults, and the condition can occur in women and men. Studies have revealed, however, that women are far more likely to develop the condition. Besides, many of the cited causes for the condition in children are also cited causes in adults. Nevertheless, there is some additional contributing factor cited for the development of this problem in adulthood which includes things like:

  • Natural aging
  • Pregnancy
  • Polyps
  • Post-surgical issues
  • Paraplegia

Signs of Rectal Prolapse

Individuals may develop difficulty with bowel movements when they have the condition, and the need to have a bowel movement may diminish due to a prolapsed rectum. An individual may develop a cushiony mass at the site of the anus that is deep, dark red, and near plum in color. Sometimes a prolapsed rectum will recede and will not remain visible. It may become noticeable by an individual shortly after a bowel movement, coughing, sneezing, or experiencing some abdominal pressure.

Treatment for Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse condition is of three types- mucosal prolapse, internal prolapse, and external prolapse. And depending on the type of prolapse and factors such as your overall health and age, the doctor will suggest the appropriate rectal prolapse treatment in Tualatin, OR. However, surgery is the most common treatment for rectal prolapse; other treatments include suppositories, various therapies for constipation, stool softeners, and other medications.

So if you notice any of the mentioned signs of rectal prolapse, without delay, contact the best health care service provider in Tualatin, OR, and get your treatment started; you will surely find the best one near you!