There is a popular quote “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” However, daily stress, pressures of work, and environmental pollution can take a huge toll on unhealthy lifestyle habits to accelerate the aging process. This results in your eyes losing its luster, making you look older than your actual years. In the process, it snatches away your confidence and gradually self-esteem over time.

How can an eyelid lift turn back the clock and boost appearance? 

Most men and women suffer from drooping eyelids that look tired and old. They lose self-esteem and confidence. They try anti-aging creams and other cosmetic products that promise to tighten sagging skin on their face and eyelids with disappointing results. If you have lax tissues on your eyelids, making you look old, you should consult a Blepharoplasty specialist.

In simple terms, “Blepharoplasty” is known as an eyelid lift surgery. It is safe and effective for healthy men and women who have lax eyelid tissue in their upper and lower eyes. A plastic surgeon generally carries out this surgery in a clinic. 

What happens during the surgery?

During the surgery, the excess skin of the eyelid is removed. This results in your eyes getting a well-rested look. Men and women can also get bulging pads of fat removed from both the upper and lower eyelids safely. After the surgery is completed, you will instantly witness a marked improvement in your physical appearance. You look younger and fresh.

Choose your plastic surgeon with research 

Before the surgery, you should contact a good plastic surgeon for consultation. He/she will examine your facial anatomy and provide you with details of the surgery. Make sure you have realistic expectations, and every surgery differs as per the severity of their condition. Your surgeon will explain the full procedure to you so that you are informed. During the consultation process with your doctor, you should address all queries and concerns before agreeing to proceed with the procedure.

Always consult a good plastic surgeon with experience and proven track records in the field to get natural-looking results. Read online reviews of past patients before choosing your surgeon.

Preparing for the surgery and recovery

This surgery is an outpatient one meaning you do not need to stay back at the clinic. The duration of the operation is generally about 3 hours. Surgeons conduct the surgery with IV sedation or general anesthesia. Good surgeons use the latest innovative techniques so that bruising and swelling post-surgery is minimized. You will generally take about 7 to 10 days to recover. Your doctor will give you instructions and medication for post-surgery care.

When you return home after an eyelid lift, ensure you are well-rested and follow all the instructions given to you by your surgeon carefully. Ensure all your prescriptions have been filled in the day before the surgery. Ensure your head is elevated all the time, even when you are asleep. Use an ice pack to treat the swelling at a 20- minute interval frequently. You keep stress at bay and stay well hydrated. In order to recover completely from the surgery, ensure you rest and sleep well.