Marijuana is a common medical and psychotic drug in the US. According to the United Nations, about 158.8 million people use marijuana around the world. This has led to increasing demand for cannabis products, including seeds. Nowadays, you can get cannabis seeds in most accredited marijuana seed banks online. However, it’s advisable to go for quality, for this ensures a high likelihood of growth. 

How can I determine quality cannabis seeds?

Quality seeds are vital for healthy plants and high yields. You’ll get different types and in varying strains. If unsure about the best strains for home growth, seek information from the Marijuana Seeds USA company. You’ll also learn the best ways to germinate healthy plants.

 You can easily spot the best quality seeds, and this is mostly through the appearance and feel. The condition of the seeds determines their quality. The best seeds are dark brown with a lustrous glossy finish and a hard outer shell. 

You may also come across greenish seeds with soft outer shells. These aren’t mature enough and will unlikely grow. Some people also consider the seed size, but this isn’t very important. Some cannabis strains produce smaller seeds; you may get seeds of varying sizes from one plant. However, larger seeds tend to grow vigorous and hardy plants.

How can I sprout the seeds?

Once you have settled on a particular strain, buy your seeds from a legitimate seed bank and start your weed growing journey. How you grow your seeds determines their growth potential. And there are various techniques that you can employ to get more sprouts.

Here are simple steps;

1. Plant more seeds

Most states allow six plants for cannabis home growers. This doesn’t mean that you germinate only six seeds. Some may not grow, and others may turn out to be male plants. However, you can go for feminized sees, for they ensure all female plants. Nonetheless, grow about 12 seeds and choose the most vigorous ones if you end up with more.

2. Soak in a paper towel

Begin by soaking your seeds in a paper towel and wring to avoid dripping. Fold it to cover the seeds and put it in a sealable plastic bag or container. The container should remain warm, dark, and humid at all times. Keep it in a warm place like the top of your fridge. You’ll notice some taproots breaking through the seeds within 48 hours. 

3. Use the right soil

 The type of soil is critical in cannabis growth. Acquire a potting mix from the local store. Such soils have a proper nutrient balance and will likely grow healthy plants. Water the soil before germinating the seeds but don’t soak.

4. Water right!

Don’t pour water in the newly planted seed, for this will disturb their placement. Instead, carefully pour about two tablespoonfuls of water on top when necessary. Moreover, keep the container in a sunny window or at 60-80 degrees F.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, it’s easy to grow cannabis at home. You’ll likely get the best quality seeds from accredited seed banks. By following the tips mentioned above, you can be sure to germinate healthy plants and enjoy a constant weed supply.