When dealing with full or partial dentures, patients often wonder what can be done to improve their dental situation. The benefits of replacing an entire arch of teeth with Yomi dental implants troy mi are many, but a better-looking smile is at the top of the list. However, full arch implants can give you a smile you’ve been missing, and they look and function just as well as your natural teeth. If you are thinking about a new smile and currently have dentures, then it is only natural to wonder whether dental implants mesa az are right for you. The following benefits of getting a full arch of dental implants huntersville nc at one time should be considered if implants are a consideration.

1. Economical

A full arch of dental implants is far more cost-effective than getting one or two at a time. A full arch can be done in one visit, saving you multiple visits to the dentist. If you are considering a full upper or lower mandibular tooth replacement, you will benefit from fewer trips, and you’ll also save money on overall dental costs.

2. Long-lasting

A full arch of dental implants typically lasts five to 15 years, and some can last even longer. Therefore, when you get everything done at once, you are less likely to have to return here and there to fix one tooth at a time. In some cases, you can get your entire arch implanted at the same time.

3. Faster healing

Additionally, your healing time will be greatly reduced. The healing process is different each time you visit a dentist and receive an implant. With a full arch, your overall healing process will be accelerated, and your dentist will prescribe pain medication to ensure your comfort during the healing process.

4. It’s more comfortable

In comparison to traditional dentures, full arch implants offer excellent stability and comfort. As a result, biting and chewing will be much easier and will feel like it did with your natural teeth.

5. Improve the health of the jawbone

Having a full arch of dental implants will improve the health of your jaw. When you lose your natural teeth, the underlying jawbone degrades where the teeth used to be. Your implanted teeth connect to your upper and lower jawbones, just like your natural teeth did. A healthy jawbone will give you a more robust facial profile, and you’ll look younger as well.

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After reading all the benefits of getting a full arch of teeth at once, you probably still have many questions about dental implants. Probably one of your biggest questions is, “How much are implants?”“. Many factors go into the overall price, and as such, patients are encouraged to look into cosmetic dental coverage, which may cover a portion of the dental implant procedure regardless of price. By meeting with Dr. Tyler, you can determine the price and whether you are a candidate for dental implants.