A long mane of shining hair is truly a symbol of beauty for any woman. It is also a reflection of how much TLC you give to your hair. However, various factors like pollution and excessive hair treatments like dyeing, bleaching, and straightening can weaken your hair follicles. No matter what caused your hair health to deteriorate, below are three ways to get longer and stronger hair.

  1. Ensure a daily dose of vitamins and minerals 

Your diet must fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. You can get most of the vitamins through a well-balanced, healthy diet. You can accelerate hair growth by using the tested Keratin hair growth formula developed by Kerotin. All you need are two capsules a day, and your hair will get fully nourished.

  1. Get scalp stimulation

You can get scalp stimulation by massaging your scalp. These massages stimulate your hair follicles and energize hair strands. The benefits of stimulation get doubled when you use natural oils for massage. You can also benefit from using scalp massager and hair growth vitamins from Kerotin.

  1. Put an end to hair breakage  

Split ends, dryness, and weak hair lead to significant hair breakage. You can prevent such hair loss by moisturizing your hair with essential oils. Hairs masks are a great product to restore the moisture, replenish your hair follicles, and promote hair growth. If you use hot tools, then apply protective products like sleek silk serum.

All in all, you should ensure balanced nutrition, massage your scalp, and prevent hair breakage to ensure long and strong hair. Thanks to Kerotin, you can benefit from their amazing products like hair masks, hair growth vitamins, and oils, etc.