Everyone has heard of the five-o’clock shadow. It is a look that screams masculinity without having to commit to growing and caring for a full beard. It is a look that says “I am cool” with a certain level of damager.

While growing stubble may seem like something that is easy to do, it can be more challenging than it seems. Many other factors have to be considered, such as how to keep the stubble from growing into living sandpaper.

Some tips to help grow the perfect five o’clock shadow all while sparing themselves (and their partner) dry and painful stubble can be found here.

The Right Tools

Before throwing out the razor, a few tools need to be acquired to achieve the right look and feel for a person’s stubble. The first must-have item is clippers. Electric clippers that have adjustable guards are helpful. It is also necessary to have a quality razor on hand to provide effective cheek and neckline maintenance.

Something that some people forget is hydration. Having quality Bossman beard oils and moisturizers will help keep things soft and manageable.

How Long Should It Grow?

Each man’s beard will grow at its own unique rate. However, most people’s facial hair will grow about half an inch each month. It is good to grow the stubble to almost beard length and then trim it back some. “Almost” beard length is about a quarter of an inch. This means a man should wait around two weeks before they trim their stubble.

How Far down Should the Scruff be allowed to Grow?

A person’s neckline is going to make or break how their five o’clock shadow looks. A good rule of thumb is to keep the line right above the person’s Adam’s apple. This is as far down as anyone should allow their stubble to grow. At the least, let the stubble grow down past the jawline. The bottom of the five o’clock shadow needs to stay under the jawline when someone opens their mouth or smiles.

Choosing the Right Guard to Trim Stubble

If someone is not very familiar with their clippers, they should start about twice as long as they think they need it. For example, if the number one guard is where they believe they want to start, going with the number three is recommended. It is always possible to go shorter, but if someone begins cutting too short, they must wait until it begins to grow again. Once the right guard is found, try to trim once per week.

Keeping Stubble Itch-Free and Soft

Using a daily facial moisturizer and beard oil is going to help keep beard stubble soft and manageable. Make sure to find a quality product to use daily.

When it comes to growing and caring for a beard, there are an array of factors to consider. This is true even if someone just wants to have a five o’clock shadow. Being informed and knowing what to do is essential to achieve the desired results.