Alcohol addiction has a negative impact on the alcoholic and those who are close to them. Relationships and trust may be damaged by an alcohol addiction. The alcoholic’s loved ones may feel as though they can’t trust a word they say. As a result, their addiction may force them to fabricate information. In comparison to other alcohol monitoring devices, Soberlink is unique in that it enables loved ones to participate in the healing process. The alcoholic might sign up for email updates to track his or her progress and discover whether old habits die hard or if he or she is able to resist the temptation of booze. 

Regular email updates might be sent to loved ones to check whether the alcoholic has relapsed. Additionally, if the tests are positive, the records disclose how often and how much BAC the alcoholic may have consumed. With tamper detection hardware and face recognition software, family and friends may be certain that this device’s findings will be accurate. In addition to restoring confidence, Soberlink delivers a sense of security to those who have been granted access. Family therapy sessions may benefit from the reports.


It may surprise you to learn that Soberlink reviews can be used as evidence in courtrooms. If a child’s safety and well-being are at stake, many family courts are reluctant to give custody to either the father or the mother of the alcoholic. Visiting privileges are not always granted by all governments. If you’re in a custody battle and you’re worried that your ex-spouse may use your drinking as a weapon against you, you should look into it. Soberlink has recently been employed by certain family law lawyers to speed up custody proceedings. Moreover, they’ve utilized the findings to advocate for their customers’ interests. Clients may have been working on their sobriety based on previous reports. 

They may even establish that the clients have been sober for a long length of time; consequently, they should be granted partial custody of their children by the courts. It is also possible to use the Soberlink system to ensure that the recovering alcoholic is sober whenever they are with their children. These exams may help ease parental tensions and encourage the alcoholic to remain sober. The recovering alcoholic might also establish that he or she is behaving in the best interests of the children by providing objective evidence of abstinence from alcohol. As a reminder, there are a variety of family law schemes in place. The basic, plus, and premium options are all available.


When it comes to family law matters, Soberlink is a valuable tool. Police have used it in probation cases as well. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol conduct a large number of crimes. When under the influence of alcohol, one’s behaviour can become erratic and one’s risk taking can increase. This may lead to some terrible decisions at times. Soberlink is assisting a large number of convicted felons in obtaining probation in exchange for their vow to abstain from the use of alcohol.

An in-car breathalyzer known as Soberlink 2 is now available. In addition to determining the user’s blood alcohol content (BAC), the device also snaps a photo of them and logs their geographic position. A monitoring centre receives the findings promptly. There is a chance that individuals who test positive for alcohol will be sent back to prison, but those who can resist the temptation to drink have the luxury of being free. This technology not only helps persons facing criminal charges, but it also saves money for the government.