One Brooklyn neighborhood worth a visit is Canarsie. It gets its name from the Canarsie people, a Native American tribe who once lived on the surrounding lands. It is in an area where one of the first five Dutch settlements was established on Long Island.

This neighborhood is mainly residential, but there are gyms like Blink Canarsie, a huge variety of cuisines and restaurants, and is in close vicinity to recreational activities.

Gateway National Recreation Area/Jamaica Bay

For example, Jamaica Bay, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, is located in Brooklyn and Queens. It’s full of beautiful places to visit, like Bergen Beach and Canarsie Pier. It’s actually home to a wildlife refuge since it is a large wetland and estuary. An estuary is where freshwater and saltwater meet. It’s an important place for migrating birds, and you can see hundreds of species of birds there in the right season.

Bergen Beach 

At Bergen Beach, you can find the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy. They have permission from the National Parks Service to operate in the Jamaica Bay Area. The academy offers riding lessons, public trail rides, and horse boarding. Taking a nice horseback ride in the middle of New York is probably something that you hadn’t thought of doing, but that would be an unforgettable addition to any visit.

Canarsie Pier

Part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, Canarsie Pier was built in 1926 by the New York City Department of Docks. Originally it was a commercial dock, but before it was ever built that area was a local fishing hotspot. Canarsie Pier is one of the few places in New York where you don’t need a permit to fish. Not only is it good for fishing, but has one of the largest picnic areas within the Jamaica Bay area, making it perfect for family outings and birthday parties.

It also has a kayak launch, where you can launch your canoe or kayak into Jamaica Bay from the beach. It’s also a great spot for watching airplanes; you only have to look up and you’ll see plenty of airplanes flying overhead as they come to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport.

As you can see there are plenty of beautiful things to do and see both in Canarsie and in the surrounding areas. New York is one of those amazing places that has it all and will keep you from boredom!