Blood tube strippers are medical tools that look and work like pliers. However, unlike pliers, they don’t quite close and they come with cylinders that can be rolled along the tube. The mechanism of blood tube strippers is similar in a way to the mechanism of a peristaltic pump.

Blood tube strippers are designed to be used with PVC blood tubing to remove air, liquid, or undiluted blood from rubber tubes similar to those used for connecting bags or infusion when blood is processed and collected in blood banks.

Thanks to its mechanism, blood that is in the tube after a blood collection can be moved into a bag to avoid wastage. Blood tube strippers are also designed to work with different sizes of blood bag tubes.

Since it is lightweight, blood tube strippers are very comfortable even with everyday use. Most are made of anti-rust materials and stainless steel. Many also come with self-centric rollers.

Many blood tube strippers also come with a spring designed for automatic return slots and a blade to cut the tubes. LMB’s Manual Tube Stripper, TS-02 and TS-03 are especially designed to crimp, strip, and cut the tubings.

Those features are very important when preparing blood segments from the blood collection as well as the processing procedures. The manual tube stripper is made from top-quality aluminum alloy. It also comes with an ergonomic design for good stripping and gripping.

Another great option would be to go automatic. This is where LMB’s Automatic Tube Stripper, the TS-08 can come in handy. This model comes with a new and redesigned tube holder to facilitate better tube guidance.

It is also designed and engineered to fit both left and right-hand use and offer swift stripping of the blood bag tubes. The TS-08 has very low energy consumption yet it’s highly efficient.