Why should you care about workplace health? After all, shouldn’t employees just need to get the job done and go home? Think again!

Employees who are physically and mentally engaged can perform their jobs better and increase overall workplace satisfaction. That’s because employee mental health plays a huge role in the success of your business. Mental health affects all quadrants of the brain.

That means how you act, think, and feel can be impacted by poor mental health. And in stressful environments such as the workplace, employee mental wellbeing can suffer.

This could lead to low morale, decreased profits, and a negative outlook on business operations. That’s why you need to know these seven top ways to help your team feel their best and increase health in the workplace.

1. Launch Employee Wellness Activities

If your employees sit behind a desk all day or have trouble finding time to do physical exercise, wellness activities can help. Consider launching employee wellness activities that encourage your company to get moving!

For example, a team yoga session is a great bonding experience that works both mental and physical capacities. Or, you could sponsor a company-wide walkathon or another fitness event.

2. Encourage Wellbeing and Productivity

Your team may want to promote their mental or physical health, but they don’t have the tools or know-how to do it. For example, a training video on mindful breathing could encourage increased calm and serenity in the workplace.

3. Provide a Healthcare Package

Any physical ailments could cause your employees pain and stress at work. That affects your office production levels and profits.

Having an emergency healthcare package on hand can help with small issues like cuts or other injuries. For example, these tylenol packets are practical.

4. Embrace Open Communication

Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to perform at higher levels. By embracing open communication, your employees will feel confident to express themselves and disclose any concerns. This creates a more enjoyable work environment.

5. Check-Ins and Annual Reviews

Weekly check-ins or annual reviews can gauge an employee’s mental health and satisfaction levels. You can ask your employee to touch on their successes and failures or where they may need more help from your organization.

6. Host Social Gatherings

Employees need to feel connected to their colleagues and the organization. Social gatherings are an important way to encourage workplace health outside the office. For example, a weekly happy hour can help employees bond apart from the stressors of clients and office life.

7. Reward Good Physical Health

How can you inspire employees to get moving? Setting up a reward system for good physical health is a great place to start.

For example, consider hosting an employee steps-count challenge. This can help employees focus on physical health, which will allow them to feel better in the office.

Increase Workplace Health and Improve Your Business

Workplace health is more than just emotional or physical well-being. Good health has the power to affect your employee’s productivity levels, organization, skill, and overall business structure.

By encouraging employees to partake in physical or social activities, your business and clients can reap the rewards. Did you find this information helpful? Then, check out our other business stories.