It’s normal for women to undergo specific changes experienced throughout pregnancy to post-labour. Some would look for treatment for the postpartum weight, and others seek medication for urinary incontinence in Singapore.After giving birth, most concerns usually fall out into getting the body back in shape, specifically the abdominal part. Some can feel that their body is recovering within 6 to 8 weeks, while others take time. However, some would think that their body has turned against them.If you are seeking a way to flatten out your post partum belly, here are four habits that you should avoid:

1. Exercises that strain the midline

Planks and sit-ups are one of the most common exercises that comes into mind that stresses the midline – causing the stomach to bulge out. When exercising or planning out your workout routine for treating the divarication of recti, you should avoid these types of exercises. The only thing these types of movements will worsen is the degree of separation of muscles in the belly.

2. Backbends

It’s ideal to avoid performing backbends and anything that provides extension movement to your backbone. Such exercise can cause strains and stresses in the abdominal tissue and muscle, which worsen diastasis recti conditions. Instead, do diastasis recti exercises like toe dips, pelvic brace and diaphragmatic breathing

3. Diet by not eating enough fats.

Diet plays a huge part in treating post partum belly conditions like diastasis recti. However, you shouldn’t cut and avoid fats to reduce your weight. Fats are responsible for aiding the movement of your intestine and help contract the colon by stimulating the release of bile within the gallbladder.

4. Too much inulin

Inulin is an abundant form of fibre. However, intakes of inulin can cause you to feel bloated and gassy, which is a deal-breaker when treating diastasis recti and losing weight. Consider cutting down or reducing inulin intake.Are you looking for postnatal care in Singapore? Visit Orchard Clinic for postnatal care and diastasis recti treatment services.