HERALD is a smart notification platform that allows healthcare providers to create, subscribe to, and customize protocols. Using these protocols, Herald delivers critical patient data in real time through a pager, email or mobile phone - when and where care decisions are made.



and Women's Hospital


 Boston Children's Hospital & Cerner

1st PlacE

HHS Provider User Experience Challenge


Safe, Informed Care

Herald monitors clinical data and notifies providers immediately when critical events occur.

- Cut treatment delays 

- Ensure critical data is caught 

Happy Providers

Herald is built by providers, for providers. It puts front line clinicians in control of the data they receive. 

- Reduce time spent wading through EMRs 

- Eliminate alert fatigue  


Shared Best Practices

Herald uses crowdsourcing and statistical learning to identify the best protocols. 

- Learn from providers across Herald’s network 

- Share protocols among all of your providers

A Secure, Intuitive Product

Herald works with major EMRs and fits directly into existing provider workflow. 

- Fully HIPAA Compliant 

- No training or consultants required

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