HERALD puts data to work in your healthcare system. The platform integrates with hospital information systems. Based on your operational and clinical priorities, it surfaces high-yield, actionable data to frontline providers in real time. 



and Women's Hospital


 Boston Children's Hospital & Cerner

1st PlacE

HHS Provider User Experience Challenge

Happy Providers

Herald is built by providers, for providers. It won 1st place in the HHS Provider User Experience Challenge. Herald plugs into existing workflows and helps providers deliver responsive care. 


Architecture CIOs Love 

Herald connects to existing data streams within your EMR. New data sources and workflows can be added in days - no more armies of consultants with year-long roadmaps. Fully HIPAA compliant 

Operations Accelerator Module

Improve patient flow to increase access and financial sustainability with real-time notifications of patient status in the hospital


Care Coordinator Module

Empower care coordinators to triage patients based on payer eligibility and logistical needs as care decisions are being made 


Clinical Data Monitor Module

Improve payer-monitored quality metrics and patient flow by surfacing workflow-sensitive results to physicians in customizable ways

Get started with Herald - contact us to discuss your system's need for actionable data. Or email us at  contact.us@heraldhealth.com