26 Sep 2020

Better Choices for Controlling Symptoms 

Consumers want better control over their symptoms and enjoy life more often. Chronic illnesses cause the individual to experience harsh symptoms that are debilitating and prevents them from doing the things they love. CBD is an all-natural product that provides lasting relief from symptoms from…


Phosphorus Uncovers Healthcare Problems 

Have you ever imagined improving your healthcare? With Phosphorus, your problem is covered. Phosphorus has a mission to improve health care through genetic testing and discovering some of the technical, healthcare, and social limitations that prevent people from accessing technology with the ability to enhance…


What Do Scientific Studies Really Say About HMB? 

Article courtesy of Muscle and Fitness Forum Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, or HMB, has been touted as a potential muscle-building supplement  for two decades, but it continues to confuse lifters and health enthusiasts. While some people report great gains from HMB, others get nothing out of it. Why this discrepancy? And  will HMB work…