If you’re tired of bucking your harvest with bare hands and want to optimize the process, you must’ve heard of cannabis buckers. Also known as hemp bucking machines, these bucking machines can hasten your entire process of growing, harvesting, curing, and storing marijuana. Not only is bucking by hand very cumbersome and time-consuming, but it also isn’t as precise as doing it by a machine.

Before you close this page and start searching online stores for the best hemp bucking machine, hear us out. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important things you should consider before buying a hemp bucker. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Trichome Preservation is Crucial

If you want to get only the best cannabis bucking machine and nothing else, this has to be the number one point to keep in mind. Trichomes in a cannabis plant are the magical stuff that contains the maximum amount of THC and CBD. Trichomes are very fragile and even look like tiny crystals of sugar. Inferior hemp bucking machine will damage your harvested flower and waste the precious trichomes. This is why you need to look at many more things other than only the price while purchasing your equipment.

2. Settle for the Best Bucking Machine Only

Many a time, people choose their hemp bucking machine based on a few parameters only. What’s even worse is that these parameters are mostly superficial, like appearance, price, gimmicks, hole size, and more. When out to buy any equipment, you need to consider more than just one single parameter. For example, how many pounds do you need to buck per hour? Try and narrow down your search based on parameters like warranty, noise emanated, build quality, bucking quality, and price as well. If the hemp bucking machine fits all these criteria, you’ve found your perfect match.

3. Watch Out for Ease of Use

Almost no one these days thinks about ease of use when buying cannabis equipment. Ease of use is something that we associate with healthcare products or small household equipment. However, ease of use is extremely important to consider even when buying a hemp bucker. You want the machine to be easily usable since it’ll save you a lot of time while finishing a batch. Time is of utmost importance when you’re dealing with cannabis, and you want to save as much time as you can. Cleaning is a massive chore for people who’ve already owned hemp trimmers, and they can tell you how difficult it is to clean most machines. Rather than spending hours and hours scrubbing your hemp bucker, it’s better to invest a little more into a well-designed piece of engineering. Other than the savings in time, you’ll also be able to operate and make repairs to a more straightforward machine much more quickly than a complicated machine.

4. Compare Your Options

Finding the best CBD bucking machine isn’t an easy task, let alone seeing more than one. This is the reason why most people buy the first machine that they lay their eyes on. However, the market is booming right now, and you can find the best bang for your buck provided you put in the time to conduct in-depth research. So try and compare a few other alternatives before deciding on a final choice.