Are you growing cannabis for the first time? Like other first-timers, you may be asking the same question – when is the right time to harvest cannabis? Well, the brief window betweenbudding flowering and the yellowing old plant is the opportune time. At this time, the cannabis buds produce the most potent THC and the best high. In short, you must harvest the plant before it dies, but not too early that the THC content is very low.

Think of it like growing any other plant; it has a growth cycle and a flowering period. Take time to read harvesting cannabis the full guideto find out various tricks and indicators that the plant is ready for harvest. Further, make sure that you find out how to harvest the plant.

  1. When Is the Right Time to Harvest Weed?

As a farmer, you need to know the time frame that you’re working within. To most of us, the three-pronged fan leaves may look the same, but the truth is, different weed strains have different flowering periods. For instance, Indica should be harvested earlier than Sativa. The average harvest time is as follows

Indica- 8 weeks after flowering

Sativa – 10 weeks after flowering

Therefore, pay attention to the weeks of flowering time to determine the plant’s maturity.

  • Prep and Flush the Plant for Harvesting

It takes time to prepare for harvesting. It’s not an activity you do in a day. For instance, start by removing the yellowed leaves from the bottom of the plant. Further, avoid spraying any fertilizers or growth helpers, and start spraying with water.

If you are growing cannabis indoors, then isolate it in a ventilated room to initiate the harvesting process. Make sure the room has a temperature of about 70 F

  • Get the Right Tools for The Task

Don’t get cheap on trimmers. Take time and research the best tools that fit your price range. Alternatively, visit the neighborhood grow shop for advice and tips on the right tools for the job.

  • Trim and Manicure the Harvested Buds

When trimming the leaves from the buds, you can decide to do it before or after drying the buds. Farmers in a humid environment are advised to trim and keep the leaves low humid environment before drying. But why? Leaves in a low humid environment may develop mold and leafless buds in the same environment will dry too quickly.

It’s also worth remembering that it is easier to cut the leaves after harvesting as they are still wet. The reason, the softer trichrome are less likely to be removed accidentally.

  • Dry The Buds

Hang the buds evenly with good ventilation for three to six days at 50 percent humidity. If properly dried, the stems will snap instead of bending. Then, it is time to finish trimming and seal them in an airtight container to complete the curing process.


Harvesting marijuana is an easy process. All you need is to understand the visual signs that time is ripe for the harvest. Further, prepare so that you’re ready when the time comes.