A million-dollar smile is a priceless investment.

Flashing those pearly whites will have you oozing with confidence.

If you wonder how to fix crooked teeth, continue reading to learn about orthodontic treatments that can help you.

How to Fix Crooked Teeth

Identifying orthodontic treatment is the first step in fixing crooked teeth.

Traditional metal braces can correct misaligned teeth or gaps that may be unflattering. Consider clear aligners if a mouth full of metal doesn’t sound appealing to the working adult.

Metal braces typically work best; however, clear aligners have increased popularity. Clear aligners offer a convenience factor. The ability to remove them before activities such as eating, dental cleaning, and playing sports can be highly beneficial.

Talk with your orthodontist about your expectations and which orthodontic treatment method will work best for you.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

There are several options to choose from for orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.

These braces are available the same day, which provides convenience and a chance to get the smile you’ve dreamed of sooner.

Aside from traditional metal braces, clear braces are an alternate option. If aesthetics are essential, clear braces are nearly invisible. Before committing to braces, thoroughly explore your options.

Talk with your orthodontist about the expected results and treatment time frames.

Smile Makeover

For the most natural appearance, Invisalign is a braces-free orthodontic treatment.

These clear removable aligner trays work by gradually shifting your teeth. Invisalign also provides unmatchable comfort in fixing crooked teeth.

If you desire to have the flexibility to remove your orthodontic device, look no further than Invisalign. Please keep in mind your treatment plan will determine the duration of your smile makeover.

Research First

To achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, always research first.

Braces are a commitment. A reputable orthodontist will be transparent and forthcoming about how to straighten teeth best.

Your teeth are a lifelong asset that you must maintain. Crooked teeth can lead to future dental problems if left untreated. Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist if you are hesitant and uncertain about orthodontic treatment.

Don’t Forget to Bite.

One of the most crucial components of fixing crooked teeth is the bite classification. A properly aligned bite is significant and can prevent these potential issues:

  • TMJ
  • Gum disease
  • Uneven wearing of teeth
  • Tooth decay

The first step will be identifying your bite classification. Bite classes include the following, class one is considered a normal bite. Class two reveals the upper front teeth and the jaw protrude further than the lower jaw and teeth.

The lower teeth and jaw protrude further than the upper teeth and jaw in class three. Bite classification plays a vital role in determining how long it will take to fix crooked teeth.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Consult Today

If transforming your smile is high on your priority list, give your orthodontist a call today. An orthodontic consultation can be a great way to identify how to fix crooked teeth quickly.

Orthodontic treatment will be an investment you can value and appreciate for life. Check out our blog to learn more about health, fitness, CBD, etc.