Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and behaviour change were considered a matter of fun and victims were mocked a few decades ago. But today people have acknowledged mental illness and visit psychiatrist’s clinics when in need and even take Cenforce 100 Online or go through Vidalista 40 Reviews. Today psychiatrists are in high demand making even their life stressful. The thing about mental disorders is that there are no scars, it hurts internally by influencing our mood, even to the extent that in some mental disordersvictim harms himself or others. 

So, mental illness cannot be ignored at any cost. We have to find ways to cure these disorders to prevent our work from getting affected. But in the recent findings by medical experts, men have been found to be more vulnerable to mental illness. This tells us that menare mentally unstable or weak. 

But is it really so, or men are made mentally weak by circumstances? In this article, we shall talk about the reasons that lead men to become more vulnerable to mental disorders and also what are its solutions. 

Ignorance towards mental health

The main reason for men suffering from mental disorders is their ignorance towards mental health. They always take things for granted and they can never be wrong. They forget that they cannot control but the mind controls all of us. The most common example is getting depressed when something goes wrong in life. Each one of us has faced such situations in life, therefore nothing special about it. But some people cannot take this failure and take extreme steps like suicide. 

Now here is a matter of concern, why some people do not react aggressively in some situations but some take unfortunate steps in the same situation? There is a possibility that he or she must have been suffering from mental illness but no one came to know. Due to lack of medical awareness, there have been cases where neither the victim nor their acquaintances knew about the mental disorder, they came to know when matters became serious. 

Another example can be lonelinesssuppose one of your friends stops meeting much, he/she hides away from social events like birthday parties and occasions. This could be a possible sign of loneliness and the basic of falling into depression. If not given proper attention in such times, the person slowly gets detached from outsiders and does not share anything with anyone else. When forced to meet someone, such people get frustrated and often furious. Therefore, a basic knowledge of what symptoms of mental illness are is needed. This helps us to relieve people from this hell and cure them. 

Frustrating work environment

One of the changes of the century was the introduction of coronavirus. This pandemic really turned the world upside down for many people across the globe. Many lost their jobs, businesses were shut, starvation and poverty increased.But many were fortunate to not lose their jobs, they on the other hand experienced a change in the work environment. Work at the office was changed to work from home. Now, in the era of grief and sorrow when people are losing their jobs if you still have your job, it is not less than a miracle. So, people stuck on to their laptops for hours sitting in a corner of their home. This sounds good but this had disrupted their mental health severely. Earlier after getting working hard at the office when people returned home, then no more work just relaxation, dinner and some quality time with loved ones. 

But with work from home, when despite being at home you are detached from partner, parents and kids. When the whole family is enjoying a meal together you are busy on the laptop. When at night your partner is waiting for you to spend romantic time, you are still busy. Thus, for the sake of fulfilling EMIs and paying bills persona life is messed up. This is reflected in the sudden spike in cases of depression, anxiety and suicides during the lockdown period. As it affects the sex life of men too, they tend to use Kamagra Oral Jelly or follow Vidalista 20 mg Price for overcoming intimate problems. 

Unhealthy food

Men have been found to be more careless about their health. Though both men and women are obese nowadays when a doctor prescribes a strict diet to control obesity, men find it difficult to change to healthy food whereas women being more concerned about health follow those rules strictly. This is the reason why women are the biggest consumers of green tea and health drinks. 


  • See, a psychiatrist if you have confusion regarding being mentally affected. 
  • Give up any addictions if you have. Intoxicating elements damage the nervous system which affects the sleep cycle and increases stress. 
  • Do mental exercise like yoga and meditation regularly for an hour. It stabilizes blood pressure, lowers stress, increases dopamine and makes us feel calm and cool.