With 33% of American adults having used CBD once or more, perhaps you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil but know little to nothing about it?

Scientists have been extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant for use in pain relief creams, balms, and topicals. As a result, CBD oil can be found in a variety of products, and its popularity continues to rise. We can help you understand everything you need to know about CBD oil and how you can benefit.

Yes, CBD oil is made through botanical extraction. If you are looking for an alternative to essential oils for stress, anxiety, depression, or just for aromatherapy, CBD oil can be a great product to try.

Keep reading to learn more about it and how it’s made through botanical extraction.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the next most predominant active ingredient in marijuana. The other is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active ingredient that gets you high.

Medical marijuana is derived from the hemp plant, which is similar to the marijuana plant, but there are little to no levels of THC, whereas recreational marijuana comes from the marijuana plant that has predominantly high levels of THC.

How CBD Oil Is Made

There are a few ways to extract oil from the (hemp) plant to make CBD oil. However, extracting CBD doesn’t have to be complicated, and below we will briefly cover the three main extraction methods.

Extraction Methods

Typically, most commercial CBD extractions require the use of solvents. Solvents, like alcohol, for example, are very effective at isolating and extracting the CBD molecule from the cannabis plant and distilling the solution. Once the solvent has evaporated, you are left with pure CBD oil.

CO2 Extraction

Considered the most common method of botanical extraction, this method uses a closed-loop extractor. For example, this is the same type of extractor that one would use to extract oils for perfumes.

The hemp is placed in the chamber, filled with carbon dioxide, pressurized so that the CO2 turns to liquid. This allows the hemp’s oils and flavors to be extracted into the liquid. Finally, the liquid is turned into gas once pumped into the final chamber.

Alcohol Extraction

Considered the simplest extraction method, this method utilizes solvents like butane, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol. Before starting this method, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area with no open flames.

This method involves baking the plant, soaking the baked plant in alcohol, straining, and then cooking the mixture to evaporate the alcohol. What you’re left with will be CBD concentrate.

Oil Extraction

Oil extraction can yield the most flavorsome CBD product and is well worth the effort. Best done in a slow cooker set on ‘Low,’ this method involves slowly cooking your hemp bud in oil (use an MCT oil) for around 24 hours. Once cooked, you strain the oil to remove impurities and, once cool, it’s ready to use.

Become a Pro at Botanical Extraction

With all the health benefits CBD consumers are touting, it’s worth looking into extracting CBD oil at home to have it ready when you want it.

When you’re just starting, using basic kitchen equipment is fine. Still, as you get more knowledgeable about botanical extraction, you’ll want to upgrade to more professional equipment, so remember to start saving now so you can upgrade as you go.

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