When it comes to injectables, it might be challenging to know where to begin. Of course, a simple trip to the doctor is the ticket if you’re searching for a non-invasive aesthetic boost. But should you have Botox or a filler? Depending on the area of your face you wish to treat, the answer might be both or one and the other.

What is the primary distinction between Botox and Filler?

Botox and other neuromodulators, at their most basic, relax muscles, whereas filler adds volume to parts of the face.

Where is Botox usually administered to the face?

Botox is most commonly used to treat frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet. This is especially true for millennials who browse online and are seen on video at home more frequently than usual. Turkey neck, square jaw, smoker’s lips, and depressor anguli oris muscles are among the less usually treated regions (corners of mouth frowning).

You may also use Botox to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place by injecting and treating the affected regions. Botox can also be used to improve characteristics. Botox brow lifts, for example, may be used to elevate or shape the brow’s arch. Botox lip lifts can be used to increase lip volume and definition. Botox at the angle of the jaw can be used to thin the jawline, and Botox can even be used to treat a gummy grin.

What Are the Most Popular Areas for Filler Injection?

The most common sites where people have filler injected are subjective. Lips, cheeks, and chin fillers are all common—and you’ve definitely seen superstars do them all.

Injections along the jawline and chin have recently become increasingly fashionable, especially since we all spend more time on Zoom gazing at ourselves. These are all sites where ageing produces volume changes. Adding volume to the cheekbones, lips, chins, and jawline with dermal filler injections gives a more youthful appearance. Filler can also be used on the under-eye area to help reduce hollow bags, often known as “tired-looking eyes.”

Can Botox and Filler Be Used At The Same Time?

In a nutshell, yes. Botox can be used to improve the results of a filler in a specific location. When used together, the outcome is frequently more elegant and refined.

When treating the chin non-surgically, for example, Botox and filler can be injected to improve the form of the chin. In this location, the combination of filler and Botox means that the filler physically gives volume and projection to the chin bone on profile. In addition, Botox relaxes the muscle that pushes back on the skin, allowing us to see the full impact of the filler, making the outcome more dramatic.