One of the primary factors in car accidents and crashes every year is alcohol impairment. Thus, one of the main goals is to lessen road trauma, these strategies include road supervision to reduce alcohol-related severe injuries and incidents. Police officers manage roadside inspections to know intoxicated drivers, Breathalyser are being used to measure the alcohol percentage in the system or BAC or Blood Alcohol Content. To guarantee safety while working or driving, the need for breathalyzers becomes wider. People mostly use a breathalyzer to manage their consumption and keep the alcohol below the limit. Thus, knowing how alcohol greatly affects your body is necessary to make reasonable decisions.

With the help of Law enforcement reducing the number of injuries and deaths on the roads because of alcohol, using personal breathalyzers is becoming more usual. People are becoming more aware as well and manage their drinking habits.

Understand more about breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a device that displays how much ethanol is present in your body. Drivers mostly use it to control themselves, and breathalyzers at enterprises are used to check drivers before flights. There are also police officers, to select a breathalyzer, it is adequate to know why you need it and to determine those who violate the traffic rules with the capability to prove guilt in court. Also, to manage subordinate drivers and for self-examination. Below are the three classes of breathalyzers.

Three Classes of Breathalyzers


  • Personal breathalyzers are slow, imprecise, and short-lived, yet they also show the level of content present in the body of substances alike to ethanol.

Semi-professional breathalyzers

  • are quite precise, reliable, and fast. They mostly cost more than breathalyzers for personal use yet are as compact. Unlike inexpensive breathalyzers, they can be used not few times a day, yet 10-40.

Professional breathalyzers

  • are reliable, high-precision, and fast, though it’s costly, this can be used hundreds of times a day wherein you can print as well the test results.

Know what to look for in a breathalyzer


  • It is vital to ensure that the device can be recalibrated. The recalibration must be done by a trained professional. Avoid buying breathalyzers that are too affordable, since they may not be accurate.


  • Another great factor that will affect your decision in buying is the budget. The ideal bet is to look for the best one you can afford. The more costly models are more last longer, reliable, and also more precise. This is primarily because of the technology and design created by them.

Buy Mouthpieces

  • Look for a breathalyzer with an associated mouthpiece to burst instead of a passive breathalyzer that examines your breath as you speak over it. The mouthpiece aids get rid of dust, smoke, and other contaminations that may impact reading accuracy.