Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the body cannot make or properly use its own insulin. This makes it vitally important for those with diabetes to maintain control over their blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for some people.

Blood Sugar Management

Regardless of the type of diabetes, blood sugar management is very important. Finding the right method, however, can be difficult for some individuals. The Holistic Wellness Center offers guidance in finding a method that works for the individual to reach their ideal levels and maintain them throughout their life.

Blood sugar management requires lifestyle changes and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. Allowing blood sugar to get too high could lead to heart disease, vision loss, kidney disease, and other serious health issues. Allowing blood sugar to get too low is very dangerous and could be fatal if not immediately rectified.

Some medications and treatments help diabetic patients maintain control of their diabetes. However, some individuals may still have issues keeping their blood sugar within the ideal levels. For these individuals, a proactive approach is needed.


The most important aspect of managing diabetes is a person’s diet. This does not mean simply excluding sugar or carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a necessity for the proper functions of the body. Instead of eliminating these things, it is better to manage the amount and types of carbohydrates consumed.

Instead of monitoring just a food item’s glycemic index, patients can gain better blood sugar control by monitoring the glycemic load of a food item. A glycemic index is a number assigned to foods based on how much each increases blood sugar. The glycemic load evaluates how quickly the food turns into glucose in the blood.

The glycemic load is considered a better evaluation because some foods have more fiber, fat, and proteins, which can lessen the sharp rise of blood sugar levels. By understanding these levels, individuals can better determine a diet that will help maintain proper blood sugar levels.


Another important part of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is exercise. Proper exercise can improve control of blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes patients greatly. Weight loss is also a benefit of exercise that can also improve overall health and wellness for all types of diabetes. It can even improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

Aerobic exercise is great for those with diabetes because it helps with cardiac, lung, and immune function. It even increases insulin sensitivity. Strength or resistance exercise can help increase muscle mass, blood pressure, and bone mineral density. It also provides improved insulin sensitivity. Even stretching and balancing exercises can provide improved health and mobility.

Those with diabetes or even prediabetes diagnoses can benefit greatly from lifestyle changes. Proper diet and exercise will offer better overall health, may reduce the need for diabetic medications and insulin, and may even reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes for those still in the prediabetic stages.

Before making any major changes or altering any medications, it is always best to speak with a healthcare professional. The healthcare professional can offer information and assistance to ensure a safe transition to the new, healthier lifestyle.