Samsung has expanded its ultrasound device with the introduction of a new RS85 ultrasound system it is a new as well as an outstanding application for diagnostic. The Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system offers consistent images, enriched views, advanced intelligence, depth of penetration, as well as sensitivity to perfusion of blood flow. This system suppresses shadows in order to improve the grayscale image. The LumiFlow feature in the Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system shows a 3D appearance with the 2D color in order to enhance the spatial comprehension of blood vessels to understand the vessel boundaries. 

This advanced intellectual technology is very much helpful, for challenging cases too. The easy-to-use Samsung RS58 ultrasound technology supports routine scanning’s too. The Crystal Architecture image feature combines the CrystalBeam and CrystalPure in order to refine the image processing, and the S-Vue Transducers helps to generate the high-resolution images. The Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium technology provides the magnified image quality, as well as it is much more convenient for medical and radiology professionals. This premium technology helps professionals to make faster and more confident decisions.

 This device is Samsung’s latest hardware and software technology. This Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system produces high-quality ultrasound images. And, also provides fine image quality and offers measurements, assessments of blood flow, with other metrics. The RS85 Samsung ultrasound premium technology includes LumiFlow, it is nothing but making the color Doppler 3D which makes it more intuitive in order to recognize that where the blood vessels are. 

And, the ShadowHDR recognizes the ultrasound shadows in order to reduce them, so that image quality will be improved. This RS85 Samsung ultrasound premium technology measures the attenuation of the tissue and how tissues scatter the ultrasound waves.  

CrystalBeam™ is a new as well as advanced beamforming technology. It helps to deliver a high-quality image by increasing the uniformity of images. And, Samsung’s CrystalPure™ is an imaging engine with a 2D image process. In order to offer an outstanding image. 

Here are a few features of the Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system 

  • This Samsung RS58 ultrasound system has one unique feature which, combines image quality and expert tools so that the clinicians make the decisions faster.
  • This system is designed, for enhancing efficiency to streamline the imaging workflow.
  • The Quick preset setting in the Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system combines the multiple keystrokes into one completely simple scanning system.
  • A customizable touchscreen of the Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system allows clinicians to navigate easily.
  • This system has a six-way control panel that optimizes the work environment it helps to reduce repetitive work as well as stress. When the Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system is in off-mode, the control panel returns to the home position automatically and allowing to enhancing mobility.
  • The Widescreen of this Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system allows ultrasonic examination with a wider view at a glance.

The Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system has improved the diagnostic confidence

  • S-Vision™:- The Samsung RS58 ultrasound premium system’s S-Vision™ imaging engine produces the digital signal and tissue uniformity for various types of applications in general imaging.
  • S-Harmonic™:- This new technology improves image clarity. This Samsung RS58 ultrasound system reduces the noise and the S-Harmonic™ provides ultrasound images. The combined feature of S-Vue™ transducers, and S-Harmonic™ makes the image quality to the next level.
  • HQ Vision™:- HQ Vision™ is an advanced technology. For visualizing the anatomical structure. The Samsung RS58 ultrasound system’s improved image clarity helps the diagnosis.
  • ClearVision:- This noise-free filter of this technology improves the edge enhancement. The integration of Samsung technology is notable as well as it’s an important, feature in image quality. In addition to this ClearVision, provides an advanced temporal resolution in all live scan modes. 

Sophisticated RS85 Samsung Ultrasound Premium 2D technology

MV-Flow™ visualizes or displays the microcirculatory and slow blood flow. It displays the blood flow with the intensity in color. It is suitable for observing the microcirculatory and volume of slow blood flow.

The RS85 Samsung Ultrasound Premium technology or device provides a broad range of precise fusion, and it is a dedicated device to support healthcare professionals in order to strengthen their confidence while operating and reduces the overtime work too.

S-Fusion helps to allow the contemporary localization of a lesion by using real-time ultrasound with volumetric imaging modalities. Samsung’s RS85 premium ultrasound technologies S-Fusion increases efficiency by reducing the procedure time.

• Matching Auto

• Positioning Auto

S-Fusion™of Samsung’s RS85 premium ultrasound technology for the Prostate allows precise targeting during the biopsies. The S-Fusion™ is based on the 3D model.  

• Auto Calibration

• Deformation Correction

• 3D Modeling

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