The Thrive Patch is a supplement that is applied directly to the skin and aids in weight loss. Le-vel, the manufacturer of the patch, claims that utilising the patch is key to their 8-week weight loss strategy. The Thrive Patch, along with the plan, claims to give “super premium benefits,” such as improved health, wellness, and fitness in addition to weight management and nutritional support. It’s no secret that you may improve the effectiveness of your Thrive Patch by purchasing additional goods. Here we look at whether or not the claims made about the show and the wares can be backed up by actual proof. But what is thrive you know?

Explain the concept of the “Thrive Patch,” please.

THRIVE is an eight-week premium lifestyle system that includes the patches and helps you “experience and attain peak physical and mental capabilities.” It consists of the following three phases:

High-quality lifestyle pills

  • Ingredients for the shake are ultrafinely ground.
  • Patches for daily use based on the Derma Fusion skin care technology (DFT)
  • You should take two Thrive premium lifestyle capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • After waiting 20 minutes, have an ultra-micronized shake mix.
  • After applying a patch to your dry skin in the morning, you should take it off in the afternoon and apply a fresh one.

The patch and the course are both a part of a global MLM corporation with a strong global reach. To put it simply, everyone helping to sell the product is, in essence, a “employee.” A salesperson like them is only one among thousands.

The active ingredients in the Thrive Patch are delivered to the body through a transdermal system. Derma Fusion Technology is the name of the system in question (DFT). Transdermal patches are not a new technology. It’s an adhesive patch infused with medicine that’s placed on the skin to deliver a controlled dose of medication directly into the bloodstream. The drug is absorbed into the body once the patch is applied to the skin. The use of nicotine replacement therapy is quite common.

How does Thrive Patch accomplish its goals?

The THRIVE 8-Week Experience may be supplemented with the use of a patch that includes a variety of things in addition to the protein shake and other supplements (which may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics). The various parts of the patches, together referred to as “ingredients,” are marketed as supporting “clean and healthy weight management” and “an overall healthy lifestyle.”

One in the morning and one in the afternoon, they are meant to be worn continuously throughout the day and promise to give nutritional support for weight loss. They don’t, do they?

No research on the products has been conducted to ascertain their efficacy in facilitating weight loss. While studies have been undertaken on some of the patches’ constituent parts, the results cannot be extrapolated to the patches as a whole.


Nevertheless, the exact amounts of these ingredients and whether or not they can be accessed in sufficient quantities to have any effect in the Le-Vel products remain unclear. Whether or whether there are enough of them to make a difference is likewise unknown.