Every woman wants a clear, youthful, and beautiful skin that is free of wrinkles, fine lines, signs of aging, pigmentation, etc. But in our everyday life, our skin can be damaged by the exposure to the sun rays, acne scars, drying combination of aging, etc and all these make you look older than your age, but fortunately, you have several options to revitalize your skin and look youthful. Facial peels and chemical peels are the easiest and cost- effective method, and give you a radiant, glowing and youthful skin look when used properly. But before going to take the treatment you must understand the difference between the two procedures and that there are separate facial peels for dry skin, normal and for oily skin available.

What is Facial?

A Facial is the procedure that makes your skin look younger, glowing, and beautiful. Facial usually begins with the cleansing. But before staring cleansing your face must be free from makeup or any kind of dirt etc. your beautician will examine your skin type to determine what and which kind of products will be the best suitable for your skin. After the step of determining the skin type and cleansing, the beautician will apply the steam step to excrete out all the black and whiteheads and after that exfoliate the skin to remove stubborn dead skin.


Then comes the step of soothing massage to make your face muscles relax. After the soothing massage, the beautician applies the facial mask according to your skin type and leaves it for 10 to 15 minutes. The final step is the application of toner, serum, and moisturizer that gives an instant glow to your skin.

What is a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel is the different and the deeper treatment for your forehead, cheeks, chin, and other facial areas. This procedure includes the application of some strong chemicals as compared to those which are normally utilized in the facial procedure. These strong chemical exfoliate the skin by dissolving the upper damaged layer of the skin. Your dermatologist determines how to formulate these chemicals to achieve the individual needs of each client. There are mainly three levels of chemicals that are applied to need and type of skin comprises low, medium, and deep.

This unique procedure helps in stimulating new cell growth so that skin appears brighter, smoother, and younger.

The results of a chemical peel include:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun- damaged repair
  • Removal of the acne scars and another mild scarring
  • Improving skin pigmentation
  • Remove the rough and scaly patches over the skin.

When you opt for a chemical peel, you would have to wait sometime for your skin to improve completely because of the chemical side effects. It will depend on the kind of chemical peel you received. In the case of a facial, you just have to wait a little or no time at all to recuperate. Depending on the kind of skin, the facial and chemical peel must be done monthly, and it is feasible for you to combine them.