Is oily hair delivering you bad hair days? You might be facing this issue because of your overactive sebaceous gland. While sebum moistens your hair, making it smooth and soft, unnecessary sebum production can make your scalp greasy. Excess sebum in your hair can result in problems such as dandruff and acne on your scalp, which may ultimately direct to hair fall. Luckily, we have an incredible solution to your problem that can decrease excess sebum production while improving the situation of your hair and scalp.

This is where crusty scalp shampoo comes to your rescue. It is the best seller for individuals having problems with sebum and product build-up on the scalp and who do not wish to use an intense shampoo that eliminates the lipid barrier on the scalp. Jammed hair strands and openings due to excess sebum can result in innumerable problems. Applying a herbal complex in hand with zinc PCA clears away sebum from the scalp without drying out or taking away the essential moistness that your hair requires. Sebum is something that your body produces naturally that nurtures your skin and hair follicles. The dermal layer of your skin contains sebaceous glands that secret sebum, which is a greasy substance formed from an intricate mixture of lipids.

Extreme sebum production generally directs to insignificant scalp disorders particularly seborrheic dermatitis. In a few cases, sebum hair fall might be noticed. This occurs when the extra sebum obstructs your hair strand and averts nourishment from reaching the roots of your hair. As time passes your hair is damaged, resulting in your hair falling out early. However, such loss can be reverted by catching the underlying stimulating elements. Many people face problems due to excess production of this substance, but you can solve this problem by using a shampoo that is specifically for crusty scalp, which would control the sebum production in your hair leaving your hair soft and non-greasy.