Did you know that less than half of all US women meet the recommended exercise guidelines? This is just one of the top health concerns for women today. There are many more health problems affecting women that can impact your lifespan, mental health, and quality of life.

We’re passionate about women’s health, and it’s our goal to help you banish these health problems so you can live your best life! So, read on for the common health problems affecting women as well as our health and wellness tips for addressing them!

1. Anemia

About one-third of women experience anemia. This number is also likely severely underreported because many women don’t even know they’re anemic.

Anemia is the lack of usable red blood cells in the body, leading to low energy, fatigue, and a poor quality of life. It’s often caused by blood loss, so if you have a heavy period you might be susceptible to anemia. Furthermore, female athletes are often anemic as their bodies aren’t producing enough blood to fuel their activity.

Keep an eye out for symptoms of pallor, low energy levels, weakness, and fatigue. If you suspect anemia, check in with your doctor. In most cases, anemia can be resolved with a few weeks of taking an iron supplement.

2. Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women, making it a big concern. This is the main reason why you should never skip your annual pap smear. Early detection is the key to defeating cervical cancer, so be sure to be proactive about your health and get a check-up.

In addition, before every check-up, it’s worth reading through thehealthknowledgebase.com for the latest news and updates on women’s health. This way you can address any concerns you might have with your doctor.

3. Building Healthy Habits

The benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet aren’t limited to women, but neglecting them can contribute to issues like breast cancer, cervical cancer, anemia, and more.

Healthy habits for women include cardio and weight-lifting and a protein-rich, nutritious diet.

In particular, you should focus on weight-lifting. Women are more likely to skip weight-lifting sessions than men and tend to do more cardio. This is a mistake because women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men!

Osteoporosis is the weakening of your skeleton, resulting in porous, easy-to-break, bones. It can easily be avoided by loading your joints and your bones with weight. Even a few sessions of weight lifting or bodyweight exercises performed every week can help prevent osteoporosis.

Use These Health and Wellness Tips Today

It’s important to take the wellness of women and girls seriously. Although women are at a higher risk of developing several illnesses, they can be prevented with a bit of know-how and vigilance. Take our health and wellness tips into consideration, and take a few small steps to improve your long-term health today!

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