What is therapy? Therapy is when you meet with a licensed therapist, counselor, or psychologist to talk through life’s difficulties and challenges. Therapy benefits include increased confidence, learning to manage stress, and changing unhealthy habits or behaviors.

But how much does therapy cost? Is paying for therapy worth it? And, if you decide to see a therapist, how can you pay them for their services?

If you’re interested in going to therapy and the cost of therapy, keep reading more in this therapy guide.

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

On average, the cost of a therapy session may range from $65-250 or more.

But the cost of therapy fluctuates based on several factors. There is no one set price for therapy sessions. Here are some things that influence the cost of therapy.

The therapist’s training and education play a role in the cost. If the therapist is well-known, in high demand, or highly educated, their services may cost more.

If you’re seeing a therapist who specializes in a certain field, like neurofeedback, those sessions may cost more as well. If you’re asking, what is neurofeedback, your therapist may use this method to help you with certain challenges.

The location of the office matters as well. Therapists charge more where the cost of living is higher.

Typical therapy sessions last about an hour, but some may last longer. Longer therapy sessions cost more.

Paying For Therapy

You shouldn’t let therapy costs discourage you from seeing a therapist. There are plenty of ways to make therapy affordable so you can have a better quality of life.

You should look at your insurance coverage first. Check and see if your insurance covers any therapy costs and if they offer a list of providers.

Some therapists use a sliding scale to determine payment for services based on the patient’s income and other factors. Therapists who use a sliding scale offer reduced rates.

Some employers offer mental health services through their benefits programs. These sessions could be through phone calls or in-person sessions.

Local schools may provide therapy services to the public. This allows students studying therapy to receive hands-on experience in working with patients. These sessions are typically supervised by a licensed therapist.

Should You go to Therapy?

The decision to go to therapy is completely up to the individual. Many people benefit from therapy, whether they have mental health issues or to learn methods for processing life’s challenges.

However, if you find that certain situations or problems in your life affect your job and relationships, it might be worth it to invest in therapy so you can gain the tools you need to flourish.

Therapy is Good for You!

Don’t let the question of how much does therapy cost keep you from speaking to a therapist. There are therapists who work with patients to ensure that therapy is affordable and accessible.

Seeing a therapist is just one way to invest in your mental health. Visit our Health page today to learn more about caring for yourself.