Certain types of allopathic medications and healing methods can help in erectile dysfunction treatment. They may include medications like Viagra, and Cialis, penile injections, depository drugs, and certain others. Moreover, in allopathy, permanent cures can be surgical treatments like penile implants and vascular treatment. 

ED medicines fall under the drug class of Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors write full-form. They work by comforting the blood vessels leading to the genital, making the blood flow improved, and helping to attain the firmness of the penis. These medications may include Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Spedra (avanafil). 

Penile injections are injected into the penis to improve the blood flow to the organ and help maintain an erection. However, depository drugs are introduced into the organ to enhance the blood supply. 

Surgical treatments are the end remedy for erectile dysfunction treatment. They comprise many surgeries. However, penile implants and vascular treatment is the most common one. Penile implants deal with fixing a gadget inside the penis that helps in maintaining an erection during sex. On the other hand, vascular treatment intends to treat the problem of blood vessels causing erection failure.

What are the ayurvedic treatments for a weak erection? 

Ayurveda is one of the age-old health systems and a crucial part of the healthcare arrangement. It deals with doing meditation and workouts, taking a helpful diet, and physical therapy, along with the prescribed (herbal) medications. Moreover, the ultimate aim of ayurvedic treatments is to rinse and re-establish the stability of the body, mind, and spirit. 

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction. All treatment methods, including the traditional treatments, aim to address every possible cause of the condition. Some of the effective ayurvedic treatments for a weak erection are as follows-


  • Vajikarana therapy


Specialists consider that this rehabilitation establishes the necessity of the elements present in the body and brings back the well-being and sense of balance. Moreover, vajikarana therapy helps you enhance the reproductive system and sexual function by exciting the work of the hypothalamus. Some people also trust that it helps to cope up with anxiety and improve sexual performance. 


  • Yoga


Erectile dysfunction treatment, done with Ayurveda, deals with doing yoga at regular intervals. Yoga can help reduce stress and diminish the risk of developing a weak erection during intercourse. 


  • Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha can help cope-up with the worry about sexual performance, sexual anxiety, low libido, and dread of failure. Once people get rid of these symptoms, they may become able to maintain an erection. 


  • Cinnamomum cassia


Although this requires more research, Cinnamomum cassia can help attain the firmness of the penis during intercourse. 

Ayurveda is among the healthcare system for centuries. However, practitioners are still working to certify its effectiveness on erection problems. It is suggested to consult with your doctor before you choose the ayurvedic method or any healing approach for erectile dysfunction treatment.