The legal standard used to assess negligence among those responsible for an accident is known as pure comparative negligence. Because the involved parties can start playing the blame game anytime, comparative negligence becomes important. Generally, whenever one party decides to sue the other one for losses, they are only eligible to recover compensation for the degree of recklessness that another party is deemed to have committed. Although such incidents are handled by car accidents lawyers in Albuquerque, these situations can be handled by personal injury lawyers. 

For instance, if you suffer injuries in a car crash and the at-fault party bears just 80% of the blame, you can still claim compensation. However, you will only be awarded 80% of the money awarded. It is because you might be/are responsible to some extent as well. 

How can I estimate my economic losses?

To determine your economic damage, you will total up all of the cash outflows this incident has brought you.

Future monetary losses, including potential lost earnings or medical bills, can be included in this. If necessary, don’t fail to include the price of caregiving services, rehabilitation, and mental health care.

What is the injury claim filing deadline?

You will get three years to file the case from the day of your accident.This time is known as the statute of limitations. You may be prohibited from applying for a patent altogether if you fail to register your claim within the allotted time frame.

How soon can I expect to get my settlement check?

There is no clear solution to this. However, a broad range is from several months to a year. Occasionally, a lawsuit may take much longer than a year to resolve, particularly if you’re already receiving medical care for injuries sustained in the accident or your matter goes to court.

Will I need to appear in court?

Most of the time, receiving reasonable compensation for a personal injury won’t require you to appear in court. Your attorney can frequently negotiate a fair settlement with the party responsible or their insurance provider. It could be critical to consider your matter in court if the opposing party won’t behave fairly. However, you don’t need to worry. Your attorney will ensure you are ready and presentable in front of the law.