The most positive or negative experiences are usually the most striking for those who buy through online retail. As an e-commerce consumer, have you received an order that was not in good storage? Or is there one that surprised you positively?

In addition to CBD display box packaging protecting products, it can be a competitive differentiator in relation to the competition and still retain customers through good printing. So, check out some tips on how to pack CBD products to sell online and win the preference of customers:


If possible, budget for customized packaging options. It is worth applying your logo, the brand slogan or interactive actions as tutorials for reuse. Some sellers also customize the color of the packaging, be it cardboard or plastic. This is a strategy that stimulates the visual and assists in brand recall, but has a higher cost than black prints. Depending on your budget, start with custom packaging with monochrome applications.

Capriche in Details

Packing products to sell online requires attention to detail; after all, you don’t want to be more of the same, right? Align all preparation procedures with the shipping team, creating a standard on how to accommodate CBD in a way that combines safety and good presentation. You are a seller of CBD products, for example, sending the Custom CBD oil boxes well folded is the minimum, but how about choosing packaging that protects the pieces but that is also attractive and useful.

Say you sell dry CBD products. Instead of storing them in a transparent plastic (which will surely be discarded), how about opting for a zip closure package and your slogan applied to it? It can be reused in several other uses, from storing everyday essentials to other CBD gummies on trips.

Another detail that deserves your attention is the finishing of the inner CBD Display Boxes packaging. It is something that thrift stores do very well and online retail entrepreneurs should learn. Some stores specializing in vintage CBD products tie the chocolates or gummies with a string or ribbon and make a bow, or sprinkle a little scent to make the products scented. Much more attractive, don’t you think?

Remember this: Taking care of the details is not an extra expense, it is an investment in brand recall and customer loyalty!


Who doesn’t like a surprise gift, throw the first stone! Everyone likes to be surprised with some “treat” when an e-commerce purchase arrives. Take advantage of this moment of contact with people to send something unexpected, such as a sample of perfume, aromatizer of environments or other type of showcase that your niche allows.

A personalized voucher only for those who are already customers, an invitation to an online event and a discount in partner virtual stores are also a good option.